Release the Spyce – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre(s): Action

Aired: Oct 2018 – Dec 2018

Also known as: RELEASE THE SPYCE

Summary: An intelligence agency consisting of high school girls doping themselves with “spyce” has said members fight against an evil organization which aims to take over the world!

Review: The summary doesn’t really mention this, but the members of this intelligence agency (known as Tsukikage) are balancing their secret activities along with their totally gay feelings for one another. So if I was to use a (misleading) one-liner to describe Release the Spyce, then I would say the series is about super gay spies.

A lot of nonsense happens in the series proper, which seems to be standard protocol for action series as a whole (also, expecting absolute realism in anime is madness to begin with). With that being said, a lot of what happens has little to no foreshadowing or said hints are misleading, which keeps things either interesting or frustrating.

Maybe you aren’t the type to get super analytical and you just enjoy things as they unfold. In that case, the twists and turns might prove to be fun for you! Unfortunately, since I’m not that type so I wasn’t quite as immersed in Release the Spyce.

Don’t get me wrong: as a whole, the series was alright. But I wasn’t that satisfied with how they handled a lot of things, including the ending. Ah, well, picky Remy is picky.

Did I mention the girls are defo gay? Because they are.


Fairly enjoyable in general, but it’s really a series that doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny. Just turn off your brain and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Release the Spyce – Anime Series Review

  1. “which keeps things either interesting or frustrating”

    Mostly frustrating, as I can only turn off my brain so far… And it also required ignoring the potential of the setup and execution of the first couple of episodes.

    I dropped it midseason. Nothing I’ve seen since has convinced me that was a mistake.

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  2. I’ve still kept putting off the final two episodes of this. I do plan to finish it but I’m finding every excuse not to watch it just at the moment. Clearly I’ve given up expecting anything from the series.

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