Top Five Yuri Moments from Fall 2018

2018 is nearly over, so I need to rush this out before we’re forced to get used to writing out the year as an odd number.

So before that happens, here’s one last list of five great yuri moments from 2018~

Discreet Meetings in the Gym Equipment Room – Yagate Kimi ni Naru episode 9

What a steamy yet classy kiss scene. The way Nanami lures Yuu into the gym shed (for the lack of a better word) so she can play around with the younger girl is so sneaky yet in-character for her.

Yet I find myself particularly drawn to how Yuu reacts after the athletic festival as she hesitates to take the lead and kiss Nanami. It’s a solid hint that Yuu might feel pressured to act a certain way due to how Nanami views their relationship or that she might believe that intimate developments have to proceed in a particular fashion (in which she’s on the receiving end) …or she just might be a super sub bottom. You can make the call here, folks.

The Yuri Yuri Game of Life – Himote House episode 7

These girls are definitely more than a little boy-crazy given how they try their best to be popular and draw in dudes, but this particular episode shows that they’re actually conscious of one another after all. Just goes to show you that board games are really powerful stuff. It illustrated how different countries have different stances on LGBTQ+ stuff in a way that was hilarious yet sobering at the same time.

A Selfish Request for Attention – Release the Spyce episode 7

The nice girl ends up asking for more attention from her crush mentor after a traumatic and chaotic scene – talk about a classic situation…?

The Prized Princess Carry – Tonari no Kyūketsuki-san episode 5

Akari and Sophie are probably the OTP, but you know me. I dig them juicy and unlikely ships. Hinata and Ellie belong with each other in my book. They bicker like an old married couple and can make each other blush and smile so easily. This moment where Ellie saves Hinata from falling is really romantic especially considering how they were still bickering from earlier but Ellie still rushed to saved Hinata regardless.

A Longing Look – Yagate Kimi ni Naru episode 13

If looks could boil water, then Sayaka could have all the instant ramen she wants.

Wait what?

In any case, there were a lot of great yuri moments in this particular episode, let alone the series in general. The date Nanami and Yuu had at the aquarium. The way Riko admits that Miyako is so hot that she turned her gay (okay, I’m obviously paraphrasing here, sorry).

But the way Sayaka yearns for and stares after at Nanami is so heart-wrenching that I had to include this here. I mean, the gaze of unrequited feelings is up there with having a senior fix and adjust your ribbon in terms of a classic yuri moment, no?

Honourable Mentions:

Anima Yell! (I didn’t actually get to watch this one but I’m sure it’s super gay)
Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru
Akanesasu Shoujo

6 thoughts on “Top Five Yuri Moments from Fall 2018

  1. ‘Anima Yell’ is amazingly gay, probably more so than any show on this list (except for Bloom Into You for obvious reasons). So is ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’, Dancho, the main character is literally obsessed with every other girl on the show and takes every opportunity to get closer to them. Too bad it didn’t get picked up by any Western streaming sites.

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