Recap Post – Reflection (2018) and Direction (2019)

In the spirit of my previous yearly recap posts (seen here and here), I figured I’m more or less obligated to pull the curtains back a bit so you all can pick at my brain and read my heart at your leisure.


In regards to blogging

The year 2018 had me losing motivation frequently, experiencing a plethora of negative feelings, and feeling incredibly left out of many things. Schedules slipped, planned posts never panned out, and confidence continuously bled out until nothing was left.

I just can’t fake being happy as well as others can. My emotions are worn on my sleeve and my one praise-worthy attribute is being uncomfortably honest, which simply results in bitching.

It’s par for the course. I started blogging for a lot of the wrong reasons. My roots were poisoned from the start, so it’s no surprise that I’m encountering difficulty when the going gets rough.

Yet I can’t find myself giving the craft up. Sure, I’ll disappear for a few days or weeks at a time, but actually deleting the blog was never given proper consideration. What spurns me on is the very definition of arrogance, but I feel like an unique perspective would be snuffed out should I quit. For all of the half-hearted, overly defensive, severely reductionist, and indulgently narcissistic content creators out there, there’s but one cynical and foolish Remy Fool.

God, I sound like such an entitled anime villain, so I’ll stop there when it comes to reminiscing about the blog in 2018.

And in regards to real life

It has come to my attention that people probably don’t want to hear about my complicated love life. Opening up to others who simply don’t understand why I’m like what I am has only left me burned or judged or abandoned, so I won’t be making that mistake again. You can use your imaginations when it comes to visualizing my debauchery, but my experiences likely surpass your expectations.

Despite all of these undesirable emotions constantly bombarding me, I am quite content to have continued chatting with a particular someone who makes me feel like I was born to serve others (her in particular to be more specific).


This section is quite a bit like a series of resolutions for the new year, so there’ll be no posts regarding desired improvements in defining a better Remy, so to speak, since it would basically be regurgitated content.

So for the blog…

  • Heavier focus on yuri visual novels – these never generate too much traffic unless if I beat the other yuri visual novel reviewers, but I still feel obligated to play and write about them regardless. Publishing reviews of at least two visual novels a month would be ideal.
  • More consistent seasonal content – honestly, this is just so I can be somewhat included in the conversation and so I can bolster readership so more people read about yuri visual novels. I’ve found I’ve grown less and less confident talking about seasonal shows as time has passed. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet.
  • Manga Mondays (yuri) – Ideally I can do this every other week. Even though The Lily Garden claims to cover “Yuri visual novels, yuri anime, and yuri manga,” yuri manga is by far its weakest point. Hopefully I can fix that.
  • More headers – why not?
  • Do more blog award stuff – I’ll probably only reply to ones submitted in 2019, however.
  • Keep up with more blogs – similar deal.

As for real life…

  • I want to at least doodle enough to maybe draw an ongoing 4koma like I had wanted to do back when I was in uni before I started a blog.
  • Making some anime medleys would be really cool. I was planning on coming up with several for my blog anniversary and for Xmas, but I never found time.
  • If my music and drawing skills get up to par, maybe I can participate in Yuri Game Jam 2019…
  • I need to save up to visit the UK! Earliest time would probably be in late February!

That’s all folks. Hopefully you all stick around for another year.

Thanks for reading.

22 thoughts on “Recap Post – Reflection (2018) and Direction (2019)

    1. Awww, thank you, Jenn. Here’s to a great 2019 to you, too!

      (I’m looking forward to the weekend. Your two recent posts have made me smile with just the titles – I’ll have to work my way up to them, though)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ooh, if you do your 4koma, will you put it up on your blog? Or on Twitter, at least?
    2019 started with an inexplicable meltdown that involved a surprising amount of crying for me, so you’re probably at least off to a better start. If not, cheers to 2019 anyways! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I was thinking Twitter, but perhaps both is ideal. Still struggling to set aside time, haha ;__;

      Oh no 😦 😦 😦 I’m sorry to hear about that. Yeah, my 2019 has not been nearly that rough! Hope things are better for you.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, things really weren’t that rough. Workaholics like me just need to cry it out once in a while (and maybe learn to schedule breaks).

        Twitter is a pretty good place for 4komas. Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing those if you do them!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Those are some good resolutions for 2019! Good luck with all of them! 😊 And I do hope you get to visit London. It is really nice down there but hopefully you won’t have to face rain and snow when you come! (Recently, we get snow really late here. Last year it snowed in March.) 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Keiko! I’ll try!

      Oh, I would like to visit London and personally see a few places in person if possible! Yes, I might have to put the trip off until the springtime since I’m woefully underequipped to handle cold climates. (Whoa, that’s late! And I had always assumed you lived in the crumbling democratic republic I reside in so learning that you’re situated in the UK is a very pleasant surprise!)

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I can imagine. Haha is that a wise decision though?…
            Hahaha I don’t lol. When it’s cold I wear a coat so that normally keeps me dry but in the spring and summer, I normally just get drenched if it rains 😂

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  3. Don’t feel bad about thinking you have a unique perspective — you absolutely do. Everyone does. That’s the big strength of blogging — it’s as much about the personalities behind it as it is the actual content itself.

    If I wanted dry, boring, corporate-mandated, house style-compliant, click- and hate-baiting “safe” writing, I’d go to a big commercial site. But I don’t. (At ALL, any more, having become completely disillusioned with their increasingly homogeneous “opinions” over the last few years.) Long live the honest individual creator, who is beholden to no-one but themselves.

    Take time off if you need to, it’s always good to have a break if you feel burnt out. But I’m pretty sure everyone reading this is always glad to see a new post from you! 🙂

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  4. You cannot possibly be more uninteresting, depressing or bitchy than my ongoing maundering about the changes involved with the aging process. You’re also about 40 years shy of being as truly debauched as I am.

    Keep on posting and if you need a should to cry on or bitch or pontificate to or digitally debauch, you can borrow mine. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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