YumeTwins – December 2018 (Pokemon Holiday Parade)

I received this YumeTwins box near the end of December but couldn’t find the time to make a post, sorry.

So this month’s theme was Pokemon! 3 (4 if you’re lucky) out of 6 of the included items had to do with this popular franchise! Let’s go before I run off and lose to Red or Ash out of a misplaced belief that I can be the very best Pokemon trainer that ever was!

(I must apologize about the formatting once again as this is a post I made on my phone).

First up is the Pokemon Keychain Ornament. I always really liked Jolteon so this was a nice stroke of luck. Apparently this keychain also comes with a piece of gum but I haven’t gone around to eating it yet…

Next up is the Pokemon Luggage Tag! The name tells you everything there is to know. Honestly, I would have liked Mimikyu the most, followed by Snorlax or Eevee, but that’s the nature of loot boxes, right?

Last up for the guaranteed Pokemon themed goods is this Pikachu Food Mold! Probably ideal for bento, but I’m not getting up at 3 am to make one by hand for my crush so I’m really not making the most out of this…

If you were really lucky, you could have gotten Pikachu stickers for these Pokemon and Sanrio Stickers. My Melody is cute so I’m not complaining.

This here be the Palm-sized Animal Plushie! There’s apparently 20 different variants possible! I’m quite happy to receive this monkey one to be honest.

The very last item is this set of Sanrio Sticky Notes. I scored My Melody again!

I’m not quite sure how often the items from this YumeTwins box will see use, but it wasn’t a bad haul overall!

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