Monthly Update | April 2019 – (Soft) Hiatus Continues

I know, half of the month has passed by already. Sorry about that.

Long story short, I’m not feelin’ bloggin’ at the moment. I’m even doing a terrible job responding to comments.

There are a lot of reasons, but the main culprits would be:

  • Weak mental health (leading to mood swings and a lack of confidence)
  • Aforementioned insecurities in turn make me not want to write anything
  • Too many competing interests
  • General fatigue (i.e. work. I literally drive my brother everywhere so I tires me out, too)

So I’m going to have to try to find inner peace or something. Because right now I don’t feel great and those sort of emotions have a way of trickling into your writing, like how blobs of ink from a leaky pen can potentially mark your sleeves when you’re a damn office jockey, if you’re not careful.

At any case, I’m going to aim for maybe two posts per week. After giving it some thought, I’m actually not that interested in the Spring 2019 anime season, which gives me more time to pursue other things (as long as I don’t let myself get tied down, but depression isn’t a fucking faucet you can easily turn off at will).

No guarantees anything else will come out this week, though.

We’ll see. A Fool can only stay hopeful for so long.

Thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “Monthly Update | April 2019 – (Soft) Hiatus Continues

  1. Hey, Remy. Sorry to hear you’re not in the best space right now. I feel you on blogging. I take many breaks and I never tell anyone. Maybe that’s not the best idea but it helps me not to feel obligated – because I’m not obligated to tell anyone why I need a break or for how long or etc. Doing so, at least for me, makes me feel like I have a deadline for “getting ready” to blog again.

    I have no idea if this is even good advice but that’s what I’ve done and it’s really helped me out. You don’t owe anyone and somehow, things will get better. Take your breaks and don’t think about blogging and just be. Live and finish whatever else you need to get done and then enjoy your break. Sit back, grab some good food or a drink and relax. Or hang out with friends. Anything to get your mind off of blogging, which sounds as if it’s become a kind of “responsibility” in some ways if you feel this strongly about having to tell people you’re taking a break. Blogging should be fun. When you’re feeling better and you return to post we’ll all be here waiting and happy to see you again! ❤

    And if ever you need to talk you can always message me on twitter or on here. Although I suck at responding in a timely manner if I do see a message because your girl here just has no idea what she's doing with life 😛

    Take care,


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    1. I’m with you in regards to not knowing what I’m doing with life, Leafy, haha. But thank you so much for the kind offer and for understanding. I really appreciate it!


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