To KyoAni with Love

Because of this studio, many know
of soldiers in metal who don’t panic,
of girls in the sky who both come and go,
of espers, robots, and gods who’re manic.

They helped bring us foxes who had lost it all
and deadly jams and ghosts and verbal tics
and otaku girls and high-stakes baseball
and purple-haired maidens and girls who’re sick.

Don’t forget the never ending girls’ talk
and ordinary lives with goats and deer
and mysteries with sad boys who just gawk
at curious girls who hide fears with cheer.

To us they make love and delusions real
along with mochi shops and swimmer boys
and magical amusement parks which feel
nostalgic yet still filled with joyous noise.

Boom! our hearts flutter while we watch brass bands
and phantoms and loving dragon maids
and girls who grow up while sporting new hands
and boys who shoot arrows and who throw shade.

The past is great, but the future can be ever more so.
Please pray for and think of KyoAni to heal and to grow.

10 thoughts on “To KyoAni with Love

  1. That was a good poem even though I haven’t seen everything from KyoAni. Okay, the brass band line would be my most recent experience seeing S!E for the first time last year. Haha! Well done! That was a creative way to express your appreciation for that studio in a sincere and fun way. I hope Kyoto Animation recovers from the arson attack. They didn’t deserve this and I hope justice can be done. That and the arsonist needs to be locked up pronto.

    Last night, I found out that the VP Yoko Hotta actually started out as an animator for Mushi Productions (Osamu Tezuka’s old studio and predecessor to Tezuka Pro) where she worked on Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion. That’s right, KyoAni fans! She was involved in the first anime TV series ever which would set the bar for Japanese animation and the same series that The Lion King plagiarized from respectively.


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