My Thoughts on Mutiny!!

Originally released in mid 2017, Mutiny!! is a yuri visual novel which revolves around treasure hunts, midsea as well as midspace airship battles, and saucy shenanigans.

In my opinion, the visual novel features both merits and shortcomings. Let’s start with the former.

Mutiny!! was advertised as “being set in a world of fantasy, both sexual and adventurous,” and I would say it lives up to that particular claim. While the protagonist, Grace, is more or less a regular human woman (who happens to have a very strong libido), her crew is a lot more varied when it comes to species given that she’s sharing a ship with a spider-girl, a moth-girl, a chameleon-girl, and more! Also the crew definitely visits a lot of different planets and I somehow didn’t take any pics of those scenes, sorry. Well, I guess I can still claim this review is spoiler-free for the most part, haha.

Grace, on the far left, having a conversation with Lara and Lirdynrae.

Furthermore, many of these girls happen to be futanari, which is not the norm for yuri visual novels. In fact, some may even argue that this inclusion serves to disqualify Mutiny!! from being classified as a yuri viusal novel.

With all due respect to that line of thinking, however, I must disagree since all of the futanari characters clearly identify as being women so they in turn should be regarded as women. To say otherwise is to essentially embrace terrible ideals about gender.

Lastly, I have to admit that the steamy, sexual scenes are quite well-written. Sometimes those particular instances in other visual novels can prove to be less than stimulating with excessive purple prose, but Munity!! makes those moments rather erotic due to both its writing and visuals.

Nemui happens to be my favourite girl.

With that being said, the fact that there seems no bedside CG to be seen ,aside from one character’s route, does serve to limit the potential sensuality (I’m only mostly certain, by the way, since I decided to stick with the happy endings for the potential love interests while electing to totally ignore the normal or mutiny endings. This year has been a rough year and I’ve lost interest in seeing unhappy endings. With that being said, I haven’t unlocked several gallery images). Even though Lupiesoft makes a valiant effort to make the most of what they have with close-ups, camera angles, and whatnot, sticking with mostly character sprites when the characters are getting intimate can only go so far.

As such, Muntiny!! feels incomplete given how two routes are still under development and only one particular route (as far as I know) features sexytime CG. Plus, in my opinion, some routes seem more fleshed out than others. For instance, I didn’t really get to learn that much of one particular girl during her route aside from the fact that she resent being seen as the motherly caretaker. She then finally snaps from having to deal with some of the lazier shipmates, which ensues with coitus, and then the route is basically over. To me, that particular route was more like an afterthought and doesn’t quite compare to some of the other routes where the girls were revealed to be multi-faceted and complex characters.

Most of the characters really don’t shy away from talking about sex.

Be that as it may, Lupiesoft is also currently trying to push out other titles and they have indicated that they will return to Mutiny!! in due time, so I imagine this small write-up will become obsolete once they can afford to allocate additional resources to finishing this visual novel. Perhaps some routes will be updated, too.

In regards to how many girls are futanari, Mutiny!! is placed in a somewhat awkward position. Since they never attempt to correct pronoun usage, they identify as and should be regarded as girls. But futanari are not transgirls and as a result Mutiny!! cannot be expected to be representative and inclusive in that regard. In the end, the issues futanari personally experience may overlap with the ones transgirls unfairly have to suffer through, but Mutiny!! remains a game about futanari. There are other games to consider if playing as or interacting with trans characters is a priority, but Mutiny!! will not fill that niche. Be that as it may, the writer for Mutiny!! is also queer and Lupiesoft is firmly LGBTQ+ as well, so it’s not like Mutiny!! comes from a place of hate. It’s just something different from what others might want.

All in all, I had a lot of fun playing Mutiny!! The game certainly wasn’t timid when it comes to sexual matters, however, so that’s something to consider and be wary of if you prefer to play games that are intended to be for all ages.

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