A Weeb Confession

Ryuuji just can’t get enough of Taiga
And Hiro falls so hard for Zero-Two,
But all their feelings amount to nothing
When compared to what my heart holds for you.

Like Ed and Winry who exchanged their lives
Under vow which will last forevermore,
The intro to My Dearest says it all:
Everything that makes me whole is all yours.

While Yuuki can’t live without her tacos
And Toushirou has mayo on his mind
Only you and your words keep me going
In spite of how all else is in decline.

I’m a degen weeb who’s head-over-heels for you
So I’ll stop since my face now matches my heart in hue.

5 thoughts on “A Weeb Confession

    1. Ah, thank you! I think I will since it’s really fun.

      I kind of got too cryptic haha, but I was referencing Toradora! (Ryuuji and Taiga), Darling in the Franxx (Hiro and Zero-Two), Full Metal Alchemist (Ed and Winry), Guilty Crown (My Dearest is the first opening that starts with “So, everything that makes me whole”), Saki (Yuuki is obsessed with tacos) and Gintama (Hijikata Toushizou loves mayo).


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