LOVE BAKUDAN – An Upcoming 18+ Yuri Visual Novel Which Needs Your Help!

There’s something about erotica in the written form. It might not suit some people’s tastes, granted, but there are so many kinds to suit so many types, from steamy sexting to raunchy fanfiction.

It just so happens that there’s currently a 18+ yuri visual novel in the works that explores aforementioned curiosity in kinky literature, but it needs your support!

LOVE BAKUDAN revolves around our protagonist, Haruka Mishima, inheriting an erotic bookstore which leads to her moving back to her hometown. Due to her new occupation, Haruka crosses paths with both new and familiar faces. Of course, the female customers becoming interested in not only the books but also Haruka…

As of right now, there are at least three confirmed love interests. Without further ado, let’s go over the characters! All of this and more can be found at the kickstarter for LOVE BAKUDAN.

Our protagonist is a hedonistic girl who just can’t turn down damsels in distress. Haruka’s kind of got an interesting duality going on, in my opinion, since she lives for self-pleasure yet she’s also willing to go the extra mile for others.

Himeko is a shy university student who’s determined to become a manga-ka. Even though she looks very timid and feels very inexperienced when it comes to love, Himeko proves to be a quick learner after several dates with Haruka. She’s surprisingly bold with her words when she’s hiding behind a computer or phone screen…

Akane doesn’t have anything against sexy books, but she actually prefer to get physically intimiate with others after a long, hard day at work. However, underneath her flirty act Akane seems to be haunted by her past. It’s not really my place to say this, but I really wonder how Haruka’s personal tendencies to help others will fare here given that Akane dislikes busybodies…

Yuki is the childhood friend of Haruka and Sei. Yuki also happens to have always held a torch for Haruka. Unfortunately, she’s gone through some hard times with Haruka leaving their hometown and her family’s finances crumbling, so she’s had to deal and make deals with some less than pleasant company to keep herself afloat. Of course Yuki is ecstatic that Haruka is back, but will Haruka return her feelings? Personally, Yuki’s my favourite character.

Sei is Haruka’s other childhood friend, her best friend, and her new roommate. Both girls are going to be busy catching up as they pursue ladies, but Sei might become another potential love interest if the campaign manages to reach its stretch goal!

A really cool feature is the fact that the players get to actually read the erotic literature Haruka manages to sell. That makes for a great incentive to become the greatest smut dealer of all time, don’t you think?

As of right now, LOVE BADUKAN has hit a little over halfway of its pledge goal, which is actually amazing considering how they launched the idea on Kickstarter around a week ago. They have three more weeks to reach their pledge or else they’ll have to try again…

So please, show some support to LOVE BAKUDAN and Noodletub, a small indie duo consisting of two lesbians who are determined to make yuri games and pledge! I know I will!

Just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post. But I can’t turn away from yuri visual novels in distress so here we are.

Here’s their contact information.



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