Status Update: Xth Season

Hello. This is Remy.

I apologize for disappearing yet again. After my mother passed away back in March I’ve kind of just been in a funk. It also seems that my paternal grandpa may be suffering from dementia as well so once again I’m turning to writing to temporarily escape from my stressful life.

These days I spend a lot of time playing Shadowverse (I hit GM in Rotation earlier this week!), watching Hololive (my best friend is convinced I’ve joined a cult), and playing yuri visual novels. They’re all fun to an extent, but the fact that work is growing increasingly unpleasant is really making things less enjoyable.

Anyways, I’ll try to write some more starting next week. Just wanted to scream into the void without damaging my throat.

18 thoughts on “Status Update: Xth Season

    1. More responsibilities, no increase in pay, other co-workers are allowed to stay mediocre with no penalty, more tests, new platforms being adapted with no time to adjust. Maybe I’m just being whiny haha…

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Mother and Grandpa, echoing what everyone else has said that it’s great to see you back but please don’t feel pressured to post. Take care ❤

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  2. Good to see you around again, and sorry about all the family struggles. Everything happens at once, eh.

    Writing is a great escape, whatever it happens to be about. I encourage you to make good use of your talent and skill at writing to help process the things you’re feeling — or just to remind yourself of the things that bring you joy and happiness in these difficult times. Hang in there.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your mother. I’m sending you positive thoughts about her as well as your grandfather.

    Take your time with writing and coming back. We understand.

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  4. Hey Remi, welcome back. I’m sorry things have been so rough. This year seems very determined to suck the life out of everyone😢 It’s great to see you here again, but certainly don’t feel pressured to write. Just do so if you feel like it, and I’m sure I speak for everyone here, that your posts are always worth waiting for.
    That said: please take care of yourself first, and be safe.

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