Yet Another Status Update

Heya, it’s been a while. Well, I just wanted to pull back the veil a little bit. Right now, blogging with my laptop is unpleasant. The hinges have been ruined for a few years now, the battery dies instantly if the charger is not plugged in, and the charger has to be placed in a certain position or else it doesn’t charge my laptop at all (which then leads to instant death).

I’ve been putting up with all of this since around 2017, but now my laptop is freezing up. I think it’s about time I get a new one. Which means for now I can’t really blog about visual novels since I don’t even want to touch my laptop anymore. It’s just too frustrating.

So for now I’m just playing Mahjong Soul and watching YouTube videos. I’m thinking of also catching up on a few seasonal series…ah, I think I might start a blog post series where I rewatch and talk about Saki. I’ve spent the last two hours rewatching the last episodes of Saki Achiga-hen and I still get so emotional haha. Since I can take screenshots with my phone I guess I can technically blog…

Anyways, that’s all. Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks for reading my rambling.

11 thoughts on “Yet Another Status Update

  1. I have seen rebuilt laptops for a couple hundred bucks available thru Wallmart. Just make sure you get one with 128Gb memory and Win10.

    My daughter got one a couple years ago with only 32Gb and now, even with storing all her data on thumb drives and uninstalling every application, it it telling her she doesn’t have enough memory to do the mandatory update of the OS.

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  2. I can relate to laptop frustrations. Replaced my aging machine a little under 2 years ago. Then last week, it wouldn’t power on (starts to but shuts down right away). So now I’m using a heavy old laptop that needs a cooling pad to make it even heavier instead of my nice machine until it’s repaired. Anyway, enough ranting from me. Hope you find a good deal on a new machine!

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  3. I can sympathise with Foovay and you, Remy. I have this laptop I’ve had since 2013 and it has to stay plugged in or else it won’t survive too long, the laptop mouse has been used so much the touch surface has been worn down plus sometimes you have to press certain keys repeatedly to get the letter you want (one is E…the most commonly-occurring letter of the alphabet…). I did shell out for a new one, but it turns out that one was a lot smaller than I expected it to be, both storage-wise and size-wise, so I have to keep using Google Drive and my USB to transfer things between them to keep files permanently, plus use an external mouse and keyboard for the old one.

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  4. I feel your pain. The laptop I refer to as our “auxillary” does the exact same thing with the charging issues, and now and then it claims it doesn’t have an operating system. Sigh. Lucky for us, it was my husband’s main computer and his family stepped up last year and bought him a new little laptop for Xmas. Meanwhile my boy genius did get the other one working again, but it’s capabilities are limited to say the least. I

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