Birthdate: January 2nd, 1993
Gmail: relitanhime@gmail.com

I’m into yuri and video games and mahjong.
Since I have a regular (boring) job, I usually post updates after 5 PM PST during the weekdays.
I do try to be active when it comes to responding to comments and Twitter, though!


  • Height – 5’11”
  • Hair – (mostly) black and straight. I’ve been getting white hairs since I’ve been in middle school, so it’s only a matter of time before I get the salt-and-pepper-look.
  • No piercings or tattoos.
  • I drink pretty often. Whisky is my choice of poison.

73 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve moved past salt-and-pepper and am pretty much grey now… But I’m OK with that, because that means I pulled a golden ticket in the genetic lottery! I’m the only male in my family that wasn’t full on silver or grey by my 20’s.

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    1. Thank you! I might have to update it, though. Really? What a surprise!

      For now it’s just a few stray grays, but one day I’ll be that silver fox that’s blogging about yuri games and visual novels, yeahhh!

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          1. Hey have some more confidence in yourself, Remy! For men, (I think) your looks don’t really matter as much as women make it seem as you get older. I can’t see your face rofl but from I do see, I don’t think you’re bad at all so don’t worry about it!
            The girls who only worry about appearances are immature and eventually realize this too late. Just do what makes you happy and all that romance and stuff will find you 😉
            You got this! xD

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          2. Thank you for the kind words. I’ll keep my chin up (or else I’ll end up having a double chin or something lol I kid). Your opinions are very encouraging!
            I guess so, yeah. I know some of them were only interested in me because “oh wow never been with an Asian guy” but I’m so over being some sort of novel, exotic boytoy. So now I’m just diving into what keeps me happy: anime, visual novels, and connecting with other bloggers like you! c:

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          3. Not at all! I don’t want to just say fake things to ppl but I do really believe that everyone is too picky when it comes to looks when we’re young. Those that can’t outgrow that are going to live bitter lives.
            And haha ^^
            Ewwwww really? I hear more about guys dating asian women because of the exotic appeal. Wait, actually, the kpop fans are like that. So yea….that really sucks. It’s great to be into another culture but the fact that they want to date someone just because they think they represent another culture or smt is sick…
            Haha right? We have to be happy with ourselves first! ^^

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          4. Mmm I totally agree. Most of the younger generation are all rather superficial, sadly.
            Good point. Looks will fade but personality is here to… stay? Unless some sort of drama comes up like amnesia or trauma… I’m thinking too hard about this, so never mind!
            Yeeeaah. It’s why I’m pretty over it. Yup, it’ss mostly guys chasing after Asian girls but sometimes it’s the other way around. One of them was a kpop fan, actually, but I’m not even Korean so haaaah. It is a little distressing, I’ll admit.
            Mmm yes! c:

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          5. Hahaha omg!! You never know though, perhaps they’ll suffer amnesia and turn their life around one day lol
            Still, that must hurt or at the least get really annoying to think someone only wants you because you fulfill some fantasy for them. Kpop fans are a strange breed….I sincerely hope they realize Indians are Asians too one day because there are some girls in my classes who refuse to accept that Asians aren’t Chinese/Korean/Japanese.

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          6. Heh, that’ll be quite the story. I think it’ll be nice to read or hear about.
            It did hurt a little, but these days I don’t really think about it. The single life has been treating me pretty well.
            Kpop fans are a bit intense, I’ll admit…
            Wait, really? That’s really closed-minded of them. How horrible. Ughh

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