Remy After Dark – Day 0

It’s a piiiiinch.

I’ve been sitting in my car alone in a parking lot that doesn’t allow overnight parking for the last 7 hours. Some of the hours were spent asleep. Other hours were spent in the driver’s seat, letting my car idle so my phone can charge.

During the last 24 hours (starting from waking up at 6 yesterday) I haven’t eaten besides a Chicken Tater Melt “sandwich,” a Subway cookie, and a bag of Japanese potato chips (Japanese seaweed and salt).

Why am I in such a questionable position?

Well, I was almost late to my interview with a singer duo in a hotel, which took place at 5 pm.

Before entering the interview room, I found out that I didn’t pick up my tickets for Anisong World Matsuri. Good going.

After I was done with the interview (they were amazing, by the way) and was halfway back to the convention center, I realized I left my bag back in the hotel. Said bag had all my portable chargers and cable chargers. My phone was already on the verge of death and I had no time to double back before the Japan Kawaii Live. Nice!

I did pick up my tickets and I did enjoy the show tremendously. Almost ended up dying several times, too, due to desperate driving and almost running into the pathway of a car. But now I’m waiting until 8 am so I can head back to the hotel and pick up my bag. And then I’ll have to pay another 25 dollars for parking. That will be 75 dollars down the drain and the con hasn’t even started yet.

Haven’t showered either.

Still, I’m excited. So excited. I get to do another interview and attend another concert. Sometimes work is actually fun!

That’s all that is notable for day 1. Excluding the fact that I stood in line for over an hour to buy 2 CDs and a backpack.

On the bright side, I was able to catch up on everyone’s blog posts! Save a few that I will tackle later tonight…