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Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 13 Genre: Action, Comedy Aired: Jan 2017 to Mar 2017 Also known as: スクールガールストライカーズ Animation Channel Summary: Several students within the newly established girls’ private school, Goryoukan Academy, are part of a special unit called Fifth Force. Said students use their abilities to fight off these enemies called O’bli.  Advertisements

Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 9 Review – “Youth! The Crimson Duel”

Aaand we’re back to regular Schoolgirl Strikers after last week’s episode.  Well, episode 8 did have a lot of stuff going on so I guess a breather episode was to be expected. What’s different from the series’ usual lighthearted episodes is the inclusion of the Origami sisters. Tsubame also finally recovers her memories! (Spoilers in

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Monthly Update #5 | March – Winter 2017 Anime Series Reviews Planned, Visual Novel Reviews Continue, Possible Manga Reviews

Jeez, I can’t believe it’s already March. It’s almost as if we just finished living through the shortest month of the year or something.

Winter 2017 | Midseason Musings – My Thoughts on the Current Shows

Well, folks, most stimulcast shows (besides BanG Dream!) have pumped out at least six episodes by now so I reckon it’s time for another Midseason Musings post! I’ll be talking about my feelings and impressions in regards to this season’s shows. How do they stack up? (Spoilers in this post)