Wrapping up the 30-Day Anime Challenge

Well, I’ve been stuck at Day 13 for weeks. But I’ve decided to try my best to finish the rest of the 30-Day Anime Challenge in one go. I’m on my phone at the moment, so I’ll refrain from adding pictures for now. Maybe I’ll touch up this post later on.

Here we go, folks!

Day 13 – Anime Character You Are Most Similar To:  Miyanaga Saki from Saki is actually me except I’m not a mahjong demon. Sometimes I’m happy, but I’m more often sad. Tripping on air is a real possibility for me, too. And talking with others is not my strong suit.

Day 14 – Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatched it: That’s going to be Saki Achiga-hen for me. It’s by no means a perfect show, but I get so emotional just by watching episodes I’ve already seen before so many times. 

Day 15 – Favorite animal sidekick, pet, or summoning from any anime: Ioryogi from Kobato is the one for me. He initially seems like he’s just a grumpy stuffed dog plushie that happens to breathe fire, but it turns out there’s much more to him than that. And here I thought I was over tsunderes.

Day 16 – Anime with the best animation: I like the crazy mahjong scenes in Achiga-hen. I’m not really an expert on animation, sorry.

Day 17 – Favorite supporting male anime character: Masaoka Totomi from Psycho Pass is so nice and analytical and strong and fatherly, even though he wasn’t the best father in the past. His final decision is also very heartbreaking. I also like Akabayashi Mizuki from Durarara!!. A gangster with morals is pretty cool to me. I-I promise I don’t have a fetish for older men.

Day 18 – Favorite supporting female anime character: I think it has to be Kirame Hanada from Saki Achiga-hen. Her mahjong ability isn’t useful under most circumstances, but she’s glad to be of use as the sacrificial pawn for her team. Staying chipper despite facing strong opponents, Hanad is also skilled in working with her opponents to stop common enemies. I don’t know, I just like the underdog, I guess.

Day 19 – Most epic scene ever: I mentioned this in Day 12, but Miyoshi Karin’s heroic moment in Yuki Yuna episode 11 was not only a tearjerker, but it was also awesome. Sacrificing her body in order to take out five “bosses” by herself when her friends needed to work together to take out a single boss is no small feat.

Day 20 – Anime character that gets on your nerves: Hosokawa Kanako from Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd is frustrating. The way she idealizes Yumi only to spout hateful words to her former idol once she learns Yumi is a person and not an infallible angel gets me so angry. Her black-and-white view of my issues is stupid, too. Kanako does gets better later on, but she just disappears from the story shortly afterwards…

Day 21 – Favorite goofy anime character: Ujimatsu Chiya from GochiUsa makes my sides ache and my heart warm. Patient and kind childhood friend with Syaro, quirky birds of a feather with Cocoa, and sisterly figure to Chino (whenever they do interact), Chiya is probably the best girl in the show (in my opinion). Hopefully the younger girls start imitating her instead of gun-crazy Rize, empty-headed Cocoa, or hysterical Syaro. 

Day 22 – Favorite weapon, gear, or armor used in anime: I never finished watching the show, but I do read Boku no Hero Academia and I think Iida Tenya has the coolest hero suit by far. He really looks like a superhero with his face completely covered up like that. The suit itself is pretty slick, too.

Day 23 – Favorite attack someone used in an anime: I need to watch more action shows.

Day 24 – Moment that shocked you the most in any anime: Four words. Fingernail scene in Higurashi. I still think about how terrible it would be if that happened to me from time to time to. A close second: umbrella scene in Another.

Day 25 – Saddest anime death: Zero Requiem ;_;. There’s also Furukawa Nagisa in Clannad. Death by childbirth is probably one of the worst ways to go, actually.

Day 26 – Best anime fight: I guess Kougami Shinya’s fight with Makishima Shougo in Psycho Pass? It demonstrates two different fighting styles pretty well. Some of the matches in Hajime no Ippo are amazing, too, but I only skim through the manga so names are too hard.

Day 27 – Most badass scene: Last time I bring up Achiga-hen here, I promise. Well, the awakening of Takakamo Shizuno’s power, Lord of the Mountain Depths, was pretty cool. In order to fight her supernatural opponents and realize her goal, Shizuno stopped being a normal mahjong player and became a mahjong terror. Too bad it wasn’t really foreshadowed well at all.

Day 28 – Favorite quote from any anime character: “The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.” ;_;

Day 29 – An anime you wished was real: I want to keep my fantasies and reality seperate so I’ve never really thought about this. Maybe, if anime movies count, Summer Wars? But now that this topic was brought up, I’m reminded of an idiot who would grace a forum with his unwanted presence. He thought being a character in the One-Punch Man setting would be awesome. If you ain’t Saitama, you ain’t gonna be having much fun, man. Just saying.

Day 30 – An anime you wish never ended and continued on: At least let me see Yumi graduate from Lilian Girls’ Academy. I know Maria-sana ga Miteru had been over for over 4 years (and the anime has been finished for even longer), but I still love the show.

There we go. That only took forever. And I’m about done with work for today, too. Blogging was the most productive thing I could do today since there was no inventory for me to complete. 

Anyways, I’m sorry to bore you. Thanks for reading to the end!