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Monthly Update #10 | August 2017 – “Midseason Musings for Summer 2017, Visual Novels, Real Life Shenanigans”

Hey hey hey! Sorry this one is coming out a few days late. Advertisements

Monthly Update #1: Upcoming Yuri Visual Novel Reviews + Yearly Recap of Yuri Shows

With a new month comes a chance for me to try something different. Lately I’ve been just been pushing out reviews (along with an occasional award nomination or two), which is fine since that’s the only reason most people will visit this blog. However, I think I should be giving my dear readers an idea

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Question about Series Reviews, Plans for Visual Novel Reviews, and Real Life Update

Hi all, I was just curious about people’s stances about series reviews. To give some context, I’m trying to put out at least one series review a week so visitors of my blog aren’t bored of my minimal content. This week, for example, I wrote about Yuuki Yuuna. I watched it back in Dec 2015

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