Funny Background Events

Most of the time it’s clear that the viewers are supposed to be paying attention to a specific thing that’s on screen, like a character’s expression or what a character is doing. But sometimes something silly, be it goofy dialogue or some slapstick humor, happens in the background. These background events typically don’t progress the plot, but they

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Fall 2016 Anime Midseason Musings

All of the anime shows that are currently airing this season have reached at least episode 6 by now (save a few late starters), which marks this week as the midway point (roughly) of the season. How do the shows I review on a weekly basis stand? (Spoilers in this post)

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 7 Review – “Up Your Friendship!”

I’m going to try to keep this post as short as possible by trying to just reference all the callbacks to and the foreshadowing seen in previous episodes while keeping the whole summary thing to a minimum. It’s still going to be long, though. This series truly does not have a single wasted moment. As a result,

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Pair the Spares – Why It Should Be Handled Cautiously

It happens in most series where characters are finding eternal love left and right. Amidst the aftermath of broken ships and hearts, there usually are two or more individuals who aren’t romantically involved with anyone. From here, the author and / or studio has to decide something. Should the runner-ups in romance get together? (Spoilers in this post)