Love Live! School Idol Project – Anime Series Review

Since Love Live! Sunshine!! is going to start airing in three weeks or so, I figured I should sit down and watch both seasons of Love Live! School Idol Project. I would be uncomfortable blogging about LL! Sunshine!! if I didn’t even touch what I would consider to be the starter kit to RABU RAIBU.

A Look at: Happy Sugar Life

Series: Happy Sugar Life Presentation Style: monthly Genres: yuri, drama, horror, mature, mystery Three Sentence Summary: After meeting a little girl named Shio, high schooler Matsuzaka Satou becomes convinced that the bond they share is true love. This leads to Satou to stop sleeping around with boys and to start living together with young Shio.

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A Look at: Yuri Mekuru Hibi

Series: Yuri Mekuru Hibi Presentation Style: 4koma Genres: yuri, rom-com, slice-of-life, seinen Three Sentence Summary: Sayuri meets and falls for her senpai, Yoriko. However, while Yoriko initially seems to be a refined and graceful lady, she actually has no common sense whatsoever. Readers will both gush and laugh over the chaotic interactions between this lovestruck

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