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Wrapping up the 30-Day Anime Challenge

Well, I’ve been stuck at Day 13 for weeks. But I’ve decided to try my best to finish the rest of the 30-Day Anime Challenge in one go. I’m on my phone at the moment, so I’ll refrain from adding pictures for now. Maybe I’ll touch up this post later on. Here we go, folks!

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: My Favorite Anime

30-Day Anime Challenge Day 2: Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far I spent a few hours mulling over this topic. There are tons of anime I really enjoyed. Some shows were hilarious; some had scenes I couldn’t help but rewatch months after finishing said series. In the end, however, I decided there was one show

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Falling in Love with Loveless as a Kid

30-day Anime Challenge Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched If we were to include dubs, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball would probably be the first anime I watched. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those shows, but I wouldn’t really be able to say anything new. So I’m going to talk about Loveless instead,

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