Worst Three OTPs with Acacia Aurora!

Haaaah, this is day five outta five of my collaboration with Acacia Aurora and we’re breaking the mold with the “Worst Three OTPs!” We kind of took a brief break but here it is! It’s our last collab for this series, whooooa

But, yeah, I think these pairings are no good and the characters are better off being paired off with someone else or being alone. Nothing wrong with being alone, okay? Okay. Yeah.

And the featured image is supposed to be the ugliest ship I could find. Because these ships suck.
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Kiniro Mosaic – Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

GenresSlice-of-Life, Comedy

Aired: Jul 2013 to Sept 2013

Also known as: Kinmosa, Kin-iro Mosaic, Kin’iro Mosaic, きんいろモザイク, KINMOZA!

Synopsis: Oomiya Shinobu once left Japan to participate in a homestay in England. During her time there, she became close friends with Alice Cartelet, the daughter of the family she was living with. However, when it was time for Shinobu to return to Japan, the two were able to express their sorrow despite the language barrier between them.

Five years later, now a first year student in high school, Shinobu receives a letter by air mail in a language she does not understand. This letter is penned by none other than Alice, detailing her own homestay in Japan. In fact, Alice will be attending Shinobu’s high school and living with her! Alongside their friends, Inokuma Youko, Komichi Aya, and Kujou Karen, the five girls learn about what their different cultures have to offer, day after day.

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