The Scope of Writing

Unfiltered tirades against particular titles, as well as hyperbolic reviews which claim that a series is a perfect masterpiece, can be enjoyable to consume to a degree. Yet written content on anime, as well as other forms of media, of such a nature is inherently alienating and frustrating to many.

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Wednesday’s What About: Casting Rookie Seiyuu

I thought I’d like to try my hand at a weekly series. Maybe I can attempt to coherently articulate my thoughts about interesting topics.
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Love Live! School Idol Project – Anime Series Review

Since Love Live! Sunshine!! is going to start airing in three weeks or so, I figured I should sit down and watch both seasons of Love Live! School Idol Project. I would be uncomfortable blogging about LL! Sunshine!! if I didn’t even touch what I would consider to be the starter kit to RABU RAIBU.
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