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Rundown of 2016 Anime!

Sorry that this is late. I wanted to watch every show I could, but I ended up missing out on a few. (Spoilers in this post)  Advertisements

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars – Anime Seiries Review

Episodes: 13 Genre: Mecha, Sci-fi, Action Aired: Jul 7, 2016 to Nov 24, 2016 Also Known As: レガリア The Three Sacred Stars Summary: In the country of Rimgarde, a mysterious event shook the country and its people just 12 years prior. As time passed, memory of the incident began to fade while peace reigned over the land. Sisters

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Fall 2016 Anime Midseason Musings

All of the anime shows that are currently airing this season have reached at least episode 6 by now (save a few late starters), which marks this week as the midway point (roughly) of the season. How do the shows I review on a weekly basis stand? (Spoilers in this post)

Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars Episode 4 Review

Apparently this is the last episode before the series stops airing for the rest of the season. Supposedly they’re not happy with the quality of the show and will restart from episode 1 during Fall 2016. Sorry that this post is coming out so late, by the way. I’m just been so tired after work.

Blog Situation (and Real Life Stuff)

Hey all, I kind of wanted to discuss my current situation and what it means for my blog. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to become a working man for the first time in my life (and my first lunch to celebrate this occasion is Lunchables, yay). This probably means that my episode synopses for New Game!

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Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars Episode 2 Review

A quick summary of this episode: Rena reveals that she’s basically a mecha to Yui’s inner circle Yui talks to Retsu / Retty and decides she wants to protect both Rena and the citizens of Enastoria Yui exchanges greetings with the enemy organization who is intent on capturing Rena Yui and Rena meet and fight

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Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode 1 Review

If I could use three phrases to summarize this episode (and Regalia thus far), it would be “sisterly bonds,” “mecha battles,” and “minimal explanation.” I get that this show is an anime original and that the first episode exists to draw viewers first while the following episodes serve to explain the world the characters live

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Summer 2016 Anime of Interest

Spring 2016 is halfway done and the new season of anime is steadily approaching! As such, I have decided to list the ones that have my interest. The ones with potential for yuri will be mentioned first, followed by all the others.