A Look at: Comic Girls

I’m mostly doing these reviews of ongoing yuri manga as I wait for Summer 2016 anime to start. I started blogging at a weird time as Spring 2016 was already well underway, after all.

Honestly, I’m still experimenting with the format for these kinds of reviews. In a nut shell, I want them to be informative yet concise. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please let me know!

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A Look at: Yuri Mekuru Hibi

Series: Yuri Mekuru Hibi

Presentation Style: 4koma

Genres: yuri, rom-com, slice-of-life, seinen

Three Sentence Summary: Sayuri meets and falls for her senpai, Yoriko. However, while Yoriko initially seems to be a refined and graceful lady, she actually has no common sense whatsoever. Readers will both gush and laugh over the chaotic interactions between this lovestruck girl and her oddball senpai.

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