The Lily Podcast – Episode 3

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Winter 2018 Anime Series Described Using Only 6 Emojis

The popular and prolific Irina tagged me in this Twitter chain where you’re supposed to describe yourself using 6 emojis at most last week.

I would rather not put myself out there by describing myself and only receive a few pity likes on a messy tweet, so I’ll just write about anime and get a few pity likes on a messy post instead. Good going, Remy!

I limited myself in several ways, however. Firstly, I will abstain from using emojis which use (human) faces since (I personally feel) that would make this post too lazy and easy to write. Secondly, I will only cover 3 series (basically the popular ones I left out in my Winter 2018 Anime on Tinder post – it also turns out there were some videos on the topic back in 2016 so ugh. I PROMISE I didn’t see those before I wrote that post) because I have work in a few hours. Lastly, I’m typing this on my phone since emojis and phones go hand-in-hand in my mind. Anyways, here it is!

Yuru Camp



1. Fire – The series is one of the more popular titles in Winter 2018, there were a few campfires, and there were several portable gas stoves. …there was also Naseshiko’s older sister…

2. Cellphone – These girls were really dependent on their mobile cellular devices when it came to communicating with one another!

3. Sleeping – Several shots of unconscious I mean snoozing girls, combined with the facts that I often found myself falling asleeping while watching an episode and the fact that is regarded as a low-key series, mean that this emoji just had to be included.

4. Starry Nights – Tons of background shots. Plus, camping outdoors usually means frolicking under the sky.

5. Dog – Nadeshiko is basically a dog. She’s a lovable mutt! Have you seen how she eats her meals and how she has an award-winning dopey smile?

6. Wolf – Rin started off as being a lone wolf, a solo camper who didn’t need anyone else. Her demeanor gradually shifted as the series progressed, however, and it’s all because of that silly hound.

Violet Evergarden



1. Robot – Violet totally starts off as a robot! Well, more like an emotionally stunted and conflicted girl, but you know what I mean. Character progression is so captivating when done right, right?

2. Keyboard – There was no typewriter emoji, so I had to make do. Violet sure does a lot of typing.

3. Love Letter – Look. I could have gone with a different envelope emoji. But Violet basically types up letters of love, if you think about it. There are a few exceptions, of course, but I only have emojis to work with and they’re not exactly great at conveying nuance!

4. Ticket – Violet travels a lot. “I will travel anywhere to meet your request,” indeed!

5. Military Medal – There’s a noticeable military presence in KyoAni’s latest adaptation.

6. Broken Heart – Even the happiest episodes are bittersweet at best.

Darling in the FranXX


(I’m behind one episode so please don’t include spoilers or go too hard on me, thanks)


1. Lock and Key – The boy-and-girl pairings and the blatant gender essentialism as seen in episode 8 make this choice obvious. Yes, people are still talking about this episode since it was really divisive! Imaginary strawmen, don’t kill me, please!

2. Graph – Lots of science and numbers talk since this is a mecha series, y’know?

3. Film Frames – Darling in the FranXX is a very pretty series (as with Violet Evergarden). But VE isn’t disappointing fans with archaic statements pertaining to gender (and don’t film frames look a bit rustic and timey-wimey to you?)

4. In-progress Hourglass – Battlefields mean anyone can die at any time (theoretically). Hiro was supposed to die but he’s special so he gets a free pass. Goro evaded death and everyone was happy. And no one else in the Squad 13 but Zero Two seem to know that they’re not expected to live long enough to become “adults” which is certainly at least more ominous than the precious two examples…

5. Flower – I don’t know which flower this emoji is supposed to signify. But flowers and floral motifs are rather prominent in this series. Just think of the beach episode and of the second ED.

6. Eyes – Zero Two has gotten everyone thirsty or entranced or admiring.

So that’s all for this post. Disagree with my choice of emojis? Have a few in mind you’d like to share? Go for it!

Thanks for reading.

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