Monthly Update #1: Upcoming Yuri Visual Novel Reviews + Yearly Recap of Yuri Shows

With a new month comes a chance for me to try something different. Lately I’ve been just been pushing out reviews (along with an occasional award nomination or two), which is fine since that’s the only reason most people will visit this blog. However, I think I should be giving my dear readers an idea of where I’m going with these reviews.

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Sakura Space – Visual Novel Review

Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Lewdness: 3/3 (Lewd – Lots of Lesbian Sex)

Price: 9.99 USD

Summary: Captain Shika and her two loyal crew members are famous throughout the galaxy as mercenaries who always get the job done. When Shika learns about a bounty job that’s offering an incredible amount of money, however, she doesn’t hesitate to drop all her current jobs in order to chase after this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Will Shika and her crew manage to bring their mark, an elusive criminal mastermind, to justice? Continue reading “Sakura Space – Visual Novel Review”

A Little Lily Princess Review

2016 truly is The Year of Yuri Visual Novels. Kindred Spirits on the Roof was localized and released in February, for instance, which was then followed by the release of Starlight Vega in April. And now A Little Lily Princess has arrived to the delight of yuri fans everywhere. Hanako Games, the British indie company behind Long Live the Queen, has produced a wonderful VN that does not disappoint.

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