Parallel Scenes in Yagate Kimi ni Naru

There’s just something about parallels in fiction that make me sit up a little bit straighter and pay more attention.

You can hear parallels in a show’s original soundtrack. Maybe a particular string of notes or chords from the OP finds its way into an instrumental piece during the episode, for instance.

In regards to Yagate Kimi ni Naru, there are several parallel moments in which later instants are intentionally framed very similarly compared to earlier scenes be it character positioning, character thoughts, etc. By doing so, the development and progression of both characters are put on display. Even though the girls are positioned in nearly the same way as before, it’s clear that their mindset is a little different by then.

I’m finding this sort of difficult to explain via mere words, so allow me to default to pretty images instead. Before we get started, however, I would like to credit Mark Nacino for bringing most of these scenes to my attention. He’s a truly avid yuri fan and befriending him has been a pleasure.

In episode 1, Yuu and Nanami were still barely getting to know each other and Yuu, after asking Nanami for advice, ends up rejecting a former classmate over phone in front of Nanami. The classroom is appropriately dyed in rich ochre tones as the sun is setting but also because the topic of love and romance is very present in both girls’ minds given the earlier conversations.

Here, Yuu’s hand is being supported by Nanami, who appears as the reliable senior (before said facade was striped away on multiple levels; for instance, Yuu quickly realizes that Nanami is the one with sweaty palms and weak knees and heavy arms even though Yuu was the one in a potentially anxiety-inducing situation since she had to turn down someone else).

From episode

In episode 13, however, the screen is covered by sapphiric tones which makes sense considering how the girls are having a date at an aquarium. However, in my mind the colour also aptly describes the mood of said date. Even though dates can often be considered to be passionate and romantic in nature, the girls are trying to ignore said connotations (to varying degrees of success) and just enjoy themselves.

By now, it’s clear that Nanami is the one who generally needs more support more compared to Yuu, so it only makes sense that Yuu is the one supporting Nanami in this similar yet different scene as seen in the positioning of their hands.

From episode 13
From episode 13

Along a similar vein, episode 1 and episode 9 contained parallel scenes. Koyomi, being the keen and sharp writer, seems to notice Yuu whenever Yuu is preoccupied.

In the 1st episode, Yuu is at a bit of loss and is thinking about how to gently reject the aforementioned classmate when Koyomi calls out to her.

In the 9th episode, Yuu is suddenly acutely aware of just how dazzling Nanami is after experiencing a flood of emotions while watching her run. Koyomi again calls out to Yuu, but once again Yuu keeps her friends at a distance while claiming everything is alright even while she tries to tackle her romantic issues alone as before.

From episode 1
From episode 1
From episode 1
From episode 1
From episode 9
From episode 9
From episode 9
From episode 9

Finally, there are the moments in episode 6 and episode 13 to consider (13 really drives home the parallels).

During episode 6, Yuu tries to convince Nanami that she doesn’t have to do the play and that others would accept her even if she didn’t try to be like her dead older sister. Nanami, however, replies that she has to be like her older sister. After a brief moment of tension, the two make up while standing face-to-face.

During episode 13, Yuu decides that they could act out some of their lines in the play since no one else is around. Just like how many of later scenes parallel earlier scenes, the main character in the play mirrors Nanami, and the atmosphere gets slightly prickly as Nanami, acting as the amnesiac main character, affirms that she has to imitate at least one of the persona familiar to others.

However, the tension is short-lived as the girls are just trying out roles that are quickly discarded when the Penguin Parade they were waiting for starts.

From episode 6

There are probably a bunch more parallels, but I’ll leave it at this.

Thank you for reading.

Fall 2018 Anime | Midseason Musings

It’s coming in a week late, but here’s the quarterly Midseason Musings post!

This time around I’m going to go for a biased simple tier list (A, B, C) along with some bullet points. Does that make things easier to follow along? Please let me know in the comments section if that’s the case. I’m, um, streamlining this post because I’m typing this up late at night, o-ohohoho…

I also apologize for not following some of the most popular seasonal series. But others should have plenty to say about those particular shows, right? You don’t need Remy to fill you in on those~

This is, of course, all just my opinion, but everyone should know the drill by now.

A Tier – Great Shows

Yagate Kimi ni Naru

  • Summary: a girl falls in love with another girl who doesn’t get love, which means she doesn’t reciprocate.
  • Finally, a modern anime series revolving around a lesbian relationship that isn’t inherently unhealthy.
  • With that being said, the dynamic still remains both interesting and tense since one of the girls doesn’t see the other romantically (for now?).
  • The series absolutely nails the yuri combo: classical music (as insert instrumental pieces) + gay girls.
  • For yuri fans who want something slower, dramatic, tasteful.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

  • Summary: a human girl who is obsessed with dolls becomes enamored with a vampire and moves into said vampire house~
  • These girls are definitely into other girls, but it opts for a more comedic approach compared to Yagate Kimi ni Naru.
  • I didn’t look into the series all that much so I was pleasantly surprised by how polite and reserved the titular vampire, Sophie, is. I mean, sometimes there are vampires who are super aggressive and unpleasant as seen in Diabolik Lovers. No, that particular role happens to be reserved by Sophie’s overly eager human friend~
  • For yuri fans who likes their gay girls going overboard and acting cute.

B Tier- Good Shows

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!

  • Summary: a muscled lolicon maid is infatuated with the one whom she serves: a young Russian girl who became bitter ever since her mother passed away.
  • I’m laughing while watching this ridiculous show, but it doesn’t change the fact that the maid is creepy and clearly a criminal who is into underage girls. That’s a deal breaker for some viewers and I totally get it.
  • For yuri fans who like black comedy and who don’t easily tire of repetitive gags.

Release the Spyce

  • Summary: girls dope themselves with spices while fighting an evil organization.
  • There’s a bit of an underlying and ongoing mystery here (who’s the spy?) but essentially this series is your typical “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” show just like Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san.
  • I guess the difference lies in how Release the Spyce tries to balance both drama and comedy in a half-baked way. The shows in the A Tier specialized in one or the other and came out stronger for it, in my opinion.
  • For yuri fans who want action, plot, and the power of (super gay) friendship.

Golden Kamuy

  • Eh, not gonna summarize it. This is the second season, anyways. You should know what this show is about by now, right?
  • Kind of similar to Release the Spyce in regards to drama and comedy, but I will admit my sides often hurt whenever I see Shiraishi being Shiraishi.
  • For anime fans who want action, plot, and are interested in gore (things get messy often). If you like JoJo, then you’ll probably enjoy Golden Kamuy.

Himote House

  • Summary: five young ladies (and a talking cat!) live together and try to think of how they can get popular with guys. They also happen to have super powers.
  • The gags are really repetitive (some may say boring) and the animation is lackluster (some may say bad).
  • However, the ad-lib section at the end of every episode is pretty amusing.
  • I’m also a fan of the homages toward other, older series. I’ll write about that particular aspect tomorrow…
  • For anime fans who watch bad shows just for a few redeeming qualities (I think the ED is REALLY PRETTY musically and visually).

C Tier – Average (at Best?) Shows

Akanesasu Shoujo

  • Summary: A group of girls travel to parallel worlds and beat up things by becoming magical girls. One scanlation group described this series as “PreCure meets Steins;Gate.”
  • With that being said, it’s a bit too predictable. I don’t hate the series, but I’m getting a bit bored.
  • Apparently this is supposed to help promote a card game but the series is sort of adopting the WIXOSS approach since I have no idea how one would even play this particular card game.
  • For anime fans who want to see magical girls beat stuff up by transforming through the use of outdated technology. Some yuri sweetens the deal, too.

To aru Majutsu no Index III

  • Phew, this series isn’t smooth at all. The transition between arcs are rough and more or less nonexistent. It’s easy to become confused about the order of things and events if you’re not reading between the lines.
  • Tons of technobabble talk as usual. That’s to be expected in a sci-fi / magical series such as this, but I’m not convinced the long speeches and monologues add much to the series.
  • For anime fans who want to become disappointed with the mishandling of Index III. That illusion of ours have been killed and we’re just left bitter and defeated after years of waiting~

D Tier – Bad Shows

Sora to Umi no Aida

  • Generic.
  • Boring.
  • Voices are annoying.
  • I am pretty sure no one likes this series.
  • For no one (I dropped this).

Those are the shows I’m watching.

Do you disagree or agree with my assessments? Please let me know in the comments section down below~

Thank you for reading

My Fall 2018 Anime Watch List

So here are the upcoming Fall 2018 shows I’m personally interested in watching.

Sorry that this list is coming out so late, by the way. Others have already had theirs out for a few weeks and all.

None of this is really ranked since it’s all listed alphabetically.

Non Yuri Anime

(There’s good stuff outside of gay girls believe it or not)

Goblin Slayer

A priestess forms her first party but ends up getting saved by someone who probably really hates goblins since he’s made it his personal goal to kill them all off. He’s probably a lot of fun at New Year’s Eve parties.

I don’t know anything about the original light novel source material, but I’m hoping this series scratches the fantasy itch while keeping the priestess from not being just another damsel in distress.

Golden Kamuy 2nd Season

I liked the first season a lot! If you like violence and gore but aren’t overly offended by poorly animated CGI bears, I’d recommend giving Golden Kamuy a whirl!

Toaru Majutsu no Index III

It’s been eight years since Index II! Even Durarara!! fans only had to wait for five. You know what happens in eight years? A ten year-old becomes old enough to vote and a thirteen year-old obtains the legal right to become an alcoholic. What I’m trying to say is that eight years is a long time.

Given that I’m an eternal fan of the underdog, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I like Index a lot. I just don’t really talk about it, I guess, so it’s really a low-key personal favourite. The PV is actually hilarious since it makes Touma look like a self-righteous thug who punches people left and right.

The Yuri List

(After all, possibly gay girls are golden)

Akanesasu Shoujo

Seems like some girls in a club perform some sort of ritual, which causes the unexpected spooky shenanigans to happen.

Anima Yell!

I had assumed that Cheer Danshi!! aired more recently while I was writing this, but it actually came out back in 2016! Time flies! At any rate, this series is gonna be about cheerleading girls~


Three demons attempt to become idols. Sounds like some cringe humour is to be expected given that these girls have no idea about what being an idol entails.

[No PV released as of September 24, 2018]

Himote House

Three sisters, two classmates, and a cat live in a house together and it turns out they have a “mysterious secret power.” It’s going to be a short (for those who get fussy about that).

[No PV released as of September 24, 2018]

Release the Spyce

Girls protect people because they work at an intelligence agency. For those of you who like comparing One Punch Man to My Hero Academia or Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku to Madoka, I guess said individuals will inevitably compare this series to Princess Principal. Be that as it may, I’m pretty excited for this one.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

A “modern-day vampire comedy” that is probably really gay.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru

Finally, a full-length (modern) yuri series that doesn’t feature a toxic relationship.

The Neglected

(These shows probably would be good but I simply don’t like or haven’t watched these shows/prequels)

Sword Art Online: Alicization

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online was great, but it’s markedly different compared to SAO, which I don’t particularly care for. Plus I haven’t watched the second season or the movie. Considering what was mentioned above, this is a no-brainer for me to ignore.

Senran Kagura: Shinobi Master – Tokyo Youma-hen

Unfortunately, I haven’t watched the first season.

…And that’s my list!

Did I miss any shows you’re excited to watch? Feel free to degrade me let me know in the comments section down below!