(18+ Yuri Eroge) “Bloom” Steam Store Page is Now Up!

I actually spent a few minutes waiting for Razz to tweet about this when I first spotted the Steam announcement of the Steam Store Page being up, but then I figured Razz wouldn’t be too upset if I helped promote this upcoming visual novel…

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Does Explicitness Define Yuri as a Genre?

There are many points of contention when it comes to yuri. Some opt to capitalize the word, others may italicize the word, and a few choose to scream out the word before they begin yelling while pummeling their opponents in Salty Bet (warning: the linked video is very loud and obnoxious).

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Flowers -Le volume sur été- Review

After nearly a two year wait, Flowers -Le volume sur ete- (the highly anticipated sequel to Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-) was made readily available to Western audiences. How does the second installment compare to the original?

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Monthly Update #22 | August 2018 – Return from Hiatus, Visual Novels, Seasonal Anime Content, Regular Scheduling?

Sorry, I’m chiming in after one-third of August has already passed us by.

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My Thoughts on the Summer 2018 Anime Season

Haaa, I didn’t get around to doing a Summer 2018 Anime Preview, sorry. And this is coming out so late, too. It’s week 4/5 already, huh? Sorry!

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Saki: Interhigh Finals Predictions

From the very start, the finals for the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Team Championship has meant a lot to many characters. As such, everyone has been anticipating the results for a long time. Just look at how long Saki has been serialized. It was back in February 2006. That’s twelve years! And it’s been nine years since Saki received its first anime adaptation.

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