Does Explicitness Define Yuri as a Genre?

There are many points of contention when it comes to yuri. Some opt to capitalize the word, others may italicize the word, and a few choose to scream out the word before they begin yelling while pummeling their opponents in Salty Bet (warning: the linked video is very loud and obnoxious).

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A List of Random Stats from The Lily Garden!

We’re talkin’ numbers today, folks! This post is about a few random stats from this humble blog and is sort of a top 5 list!

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Oomuroke – The Greatest Yuri Mystery Ever?

I’m sure most yuri fans have heard of Yuru Yuri, an easygoing yuri manga that received several anime adaptions. However, did you know that Yuru Yuri has a spin-off called Oomuroke which features Oomuro Sakurako and her two sisters?

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