What About?

Every Wednesday I will try to talk about a topic related to anime in an attempt to generate discussion. Even though this is supposed to be a yuri blog, most of these topics will probably not be yuri-centric.

6-15-2016: What about casting rookie seiyuu?

6-22-2016: What about hairstyle changes?

6-29-2016: What about isekai stories?

7-6-2016: What about verbal tics?

7-20-2016: What about insert songs?

7-27-2016: What about tsunderes?

8-3-2016: What about comic relief?

8-10-2016: What about eyecatches?

8-17-2016: What about mikans?

9-7-2016: What about zettai ryouiki?

9-14-2016: What about sailor fuku?

2-8-2017: What about hair decorations?

2-15-2017: What about weak but skilled characters?

2-22-2017: What about anime adaptations of light novels?

3-1-2017: What about secondary characters?

3-8-2017: What about end cards?