I Was Nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!

This post is pretty late, but KimmieKawaii and prattle both nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award (relatively) recently! Thank you two so much!

Her blog covers anime news as well as very helpful guides to anime. I personally believe everyone can benefit from reading through her guides! Heck, go through her entire blog while you’re at it. You all can thank me later!

Well, actually prattle only kinda sorta nominated me… but since I was mentioned in prattle’s post, I figured I should acknowledge prattle, too! Not that I don’t acknowledge prattle every waking hour of my life∼ You should all check out prattle’s blog if you want to read critical, well-thought-out, and humorous analysis and thoughts on anime that are currently airing!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

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  1. I am a twin who popped out 17 minutes before my younger brother fought his way out of the womb. Most of my classmates never bothered learning the differences between us and would call us by our last name in order to hedge their bets. It kind of pissed me off.
  2. Throughout most of my college career, I struggled with low motivation and probable depression. I didn’t actually get diagnosed by a professional, mind you, but I sure didn’t feel like doing much. I slept through classes, skipped tests, and missed final exams. Everything felt pointless and nothing was worthwhile. If you’ve watched Clannad Afterstory, you might get an idea of how I am was if you picture Tomoya’s behavior after Nagisa died. 
  3. The number three will always have me acting like a tsundere. I struggle to say the “th” sound properly in real life (so “the” sounds more like “duh” and “three” comes across as “free;” as a result, “the three stooges” turns into “duh free stooges” when the phrase comes outta my mouth), which gets me mad (at my own inability to enunicate correctly). But I really do like the number. So that’s why I usually include just three manga in my “yuri manga batch reviews” posts (haha, that feature hasn’t been updated in forever) despite my mixed feelings (I sure did overuse parenthesis for this question).
  4. I heavily season my food because my sense of smell and taste are both not very good. My sinuses are constantly clogged and I’m not going to spend good money clearing them up with solution and thingamajigs on a daily basis. It makes me more resistant to unpleasant smells, I’d like to think.
  5. Because my jaw clicks whenever I open my mouth (since I was slapped pretty hard by a girl around five years ago and my mouth remains weird to this day), I prefer soft things that don’t require much chewing. 
  6. Even if I don’t get soft foods, however, I basically eat like a savage since I wolf down my food. It all started with Diddy Kong Racing back in third grade. Back then, my parents both worked, so my brother and I would spend time at another Asian family’s house (they also had twins) and we would occassionally eat dinner there. So one night, we were sitting down to eat dinner at their table (they were really nice to us, now that I think about it), but I really, really wanted to play more of Diddy Kong Racing. So I just chowed down my food and went back to playing around on the Nintendo 64. And then it became a habit and it’s why I don’t properly chew my food and I now have digestion problems from time to time!
  7. Dang, I won’t shut up about my eating habits. Sorry. Uh, my right foot has seen better days. I dropped a 25 pound weight on my big toe when I was trying to benchpress 7 years ago and the nail still looks different compared to the other big toenail. And my heel has a tiny piece of pencil lead embedded inside because I didn’t properly put away my wooden pencil. So I stepped on it when I was walking from the living room to the bedroom after I had already turned off the lights back in second grade. And then I was too lazy to get the lead out, ehehe.


Crystal (I hope LoL has been fun recently! And I hope it snows over there! Just enough snow, though. No blizzards!)

YahariBento (Another award for you∼ sorry, haha)

sophiethestark (It’s the season for chocolate with the holidays and all. Hope you’ve been having some)

D (I’ll catch up on ZnT todaaaay after I finish my weekly episode reviews as well as these series reviews I’ve been planning…which is after this silly family brunch thing that’s coming up in an hour.)

Alane (Peek-a-boo! You’re a busy person, I know, so take your time∼)

Leafさんの夢が。。。 (Hang in there for finals! May Japanese Shia LaBeouf give you energy!)

avathenerd (You should try to do more shipping posts since I like your taste in ships!)

ToreishiNoblesse (I haven’t really played otome games, but I like reading your thoughts and reviews about them)

maengune (Don’t starve yourself buying figurineeees or I’ll be really sad ;__; I hope the company party went well)

Acacia Aurora (Here’s another award coming your way! c: )

TwoHappyCats (I really like hearing your thoughts on otome games and series in general. Your thoughts on The Big 3 in Shounen were very interesting!)

plainpastaandplainrice (Your posts have been anything but plain to me! I’m going to be looking forward to reading your 12 Days of Anime as they come in! I’ll be catching up today)

I tried to avoid nominating people who have been already nominated! Please forgive me if I messed up!

Ta-ta for now, folks!

48 thoughts on “I Was Nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. Congratulations on the award! And thanks a ton for the nomination! (I can’t believe I somehow missed this post! Really sorry for the late reply.)

    Aah I had fun writing my shipping post so hopefully I’ll write more (coz their are plenty lol)

    I’ve always wondered how’s it like having a twin. 🙂

    Great post. And thanks again. And sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks and you’re very welcome (it happens! Don’t sweat it~)
      That’ll be fun to read if you’re up to write more! More ships, yessss
      It’s not as glamorous as it’s portrayed in fiction, but it has its perks. I sat in for him once in high school when he had to finish a paper, so that was fun!
      Oh, you’re fine~ c:

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  2. Ooh yay I loved reading all these facts about you!

    Going through depression is so horrible and I’m glad you’re getting through it. I had an incredibly awful time in High School, and finally convinced my family to let me talk to psychologist when I was in my 2nd year of University! I’m glad things are slowly working out for you, let me know if you ever need anyone to chat to 🙂

    Also, oh my gosh! I can’t believe a girl slapped you so hard that your jaw clicks now, was she a super saiyan or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad they weren’t boring!
      It waxes and wanes, but thank you. Damn, that’s rough. But I’m glad that it seems like you also have managed to pull through. Thank you! And I shall extend the same offer back to you!

      She was powered by broken hearts of many men since she was being pursued by at least five dudes while I was getting to know her. Some people you like give you emotional damage while others give you physical damage. I’ll take the latter every time even though it’s hard to eat a snickers bars because it is so chewy and it makes my jaw feel really weird.
      I guess it was partially my fault, though.

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  3. Holy fudge in a stick— now I owe you two awards!

    I feel you in so many levels in #2. ;3; Hope you’re doing better now. Your (online) friends are here just in case!

    >I wolf down my food
    >( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Oh boooy, I sure can imagine us eating somewhere and wolfing down a buffet. That would be a funny scenario since I never calm my tatas when food is present.

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    1. The awards will never stop trickling innnn
      Mmm thanks. I’ve gotten pretty good at distracting myself so it’s not a problem these days. It’s reassuring to hear that you all got my back!
      I would be so down for that! Lately, however, it seems my appetite has become that of a mere mortal’s. When I was younger, nothing was safe and I could afford to sample everything at the buffet and then stockpile on my favorites! These days, not so much. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try to ruin the buffet alongside with you by eating them out of business! Food is just too good!


  4. Thank you so much for this nomination! ^^ Now I just need to think about 7 things about me… Might take a while hahaha

    Your answers always make me laugh, and I just love how much you think about food! I guess it does make up a bit part of life. I commend you for speaking so openly about your past struggles. Not many people would. I hope you’re feeling better now 🙂 (and if not, I hope you do soon!) All of us do get lost once in a while but the important thing is to always find the way home, no matter the paths we take. I know it sounds cheesy but I think it helps to think about it like that.

    I’ve definitely been eating tons of chocolate lately. More than usual, that is. Ugh. New Year’s Resolution: quite eating chocolate! (change blog’s name, too?)

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    1. You’re very welcome! Mmm it took me a while, too. We’ll all patiently wait for your answers since it’ll be worth it c:
      I’m glad to hear my answers are amusing! And yes, it seems like food is just that important (in my head, at least).
      I’ve always been a bit open about things like that, yeah. I had to refrain from talking about more problematic issues, to be honest. Maybe they’ll come up some other day.
      Despair comes and goes. The blog makes it easier since I’m talking to nice and wonderful people such as yourself. But I really like what you wrote. It isn’t cheesy at all and it’s just what I wanted to hear on a Monday morning. Thank you.
      Oh, dear. Chocolate is too good! (But if you must, then I’ll support you 100% of the way!)

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      1. Oh, I’m glad I could help in some small way 🙂 And it’s great that blogging does it too. It can get quite therapeutic, for sure.

        Hahahaha don’t get your hopes up, my answers will be pretty silly as usual! But I’ll do my best ^^

        I say that but I have to be honest, I never go through with my New Year’s resolutions 😡 I will definitely try to cut back on it, though. One cannot live on chocolate alone 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Mmm c:
          Yes, it’s quite pleasant.
          Nooo you don’t disappoint with your answers! I’m looking forward to your silliness!
          It’s okay, I struggle with keeping my New Year’s resolutions, too. Cutting back on it sounds like a step in the right direction, though! Chocolate is arguably more unifying than bread! c:


  5. …You gave me One Lovely award but told me later I’m one of your victim, are you Yandere? (kidding) :3 Anyway, I will not give this award back, you know?

    Please don’t say sorry to me. Because I decide to stalk your blog! You should feel sorry for my decision instead. (Jii~)

    – I know this feeling (in 2), I know.

    – Why did you fight against powerpuff girl?

    ps. Thanks for nominating me & congratulations for the award.

    (Tsudere mode activate)
    It’s not like I want this award, you know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybeee haha?
      Oh, fine, it’s yours to begin with, haha.
      Haha, well, neither of us will feel sorry, then! *Jiiiiiiiiiii*
      -yeah, it seems like a lot of people have gone through the blues. I hope you’re doing better.
      -because sugar, spice, and everything nice is boring!
      You’re welcome! Looking forward to reading your post!
      Haha, sure, sure~

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  6. Congratulations! And thanks for the nomination (I could recite those words in my sleep these days…).

    I imagine it would be irritating as fuck if people didn’t bother to differentiate between you and your twin.

    College days must have been hell for you. :/ I hope it’s better now? I had a similar experience except in high school and it affected me socially rather than academically.

    I’m not the most graceful eater either. I keep my mouth shut when chewing but that’s it.

    That’s a lot of past injuries in that post, dude. Ouch. Have fun(?) at the family thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s become almost like a verbal tic these days, aha.
      Yeah, a bit. Oh, my twin and I went to different colleges so we at least avoided that. College was still better than high school, heh. I’m better off now these days…but on Friday I felt a little depressed as I did my job. Bad thoughts popped into my head. It was a weird feeling.
      Mmm it sounded like you had a rough time in high school and I thought you could relate. I hope things are better now, too. Your college experience sounds fun yet tiring and stressful!
      Hey, that’s more than I can claim, haha.
      Oh, I’m pretty sure other people have had it rougher. I’ve lived a primarily sedentary lifestyle once I could afford to do so, so I imagine people with more active lifestyles have it harder than me. That being said, I do have a few scars here and there and I can’t rightly recall where I got them…
      It was boring. Some nationalistic crap about China and Taiwan. My grandfather has pride about all that. We listed to some old farts talk in Chinese (I’m not fluent so it was mostly nonsense to me) about political ideas and then shamelessly ask for donations to their political party for two hours. Then we were served tasteless food in small servings. I’m starting to realize my life as an adult consists of me listening to old people ramble about stupid, unimportant things.

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      1. Depression does tend to be a lingering issue. Even when it goes away, it doesn’t really go away. I’m happy you’re doing better. Keep soldiering on, Remy!

        Most of my scars are on my face from fun shit like falling on my chin, having a dog bite my nose, banging my head on the bedframe etc…yeah. They’re all minor though. Funnily enough, I’ve been waking up with scratches in all the weird places, probably self-inflicted in sleep.

        That does sound pretty dull. I’d say it’s bad enough having to listen to people drone on in a language you do get well. Family thing a fail then.

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        1. Yeah. It’s a struggle. As much as I wish depression was just a faucet I could turn off whenever I wanted to, it really isn’t. Thanks! I hope you’re doing better and hanging on, too. We will both fight on!
          Oh, that’s fun stuff! Ehhh maybe you were sleep walking and you bumped into things while you were dancing like you were a side dancer in Thriller. I’m not sure why I thought of Thriller as I rambled about sleepwalking…
          Mmmm. I guess hearing people go on and on in a language you don’t filly grasp can be a little interesting since there’s always the chance you could learn from the experience, but yeah.
          Wasn’t really a fan of it, yeah. Would have much preferred to just visit their house for family time, or to go to some cheap Chinese buffet. Oh, well.

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          1. I’m doing way better. The cause was mostly social pressure which got better when I decided to say fuck you to social norms. It pops up now and then but all things considered, it’s alright. But yes, we’ll fight on!

            …I think I’d have some serious bruises to show for it if I was Thriller-dancing in my sleep. It’s either my own nails or I have a resident ghost. I really hope it’s just my own nails.

            At least it’s over now!

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          2. I’m very glad to hear it. Social norms are bad! We’ll keep trying our best, yay!
            Its rather unlikely, sadly. I hope it’s just your nails, too. Ghosts are spooky!
            Yeaaaah, you’re right. Phew

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  7. Hi! c: Congrats & thanks for the nomination. O_O no, must get to this as soon as possible~ (I still haven’t done your other one yet!). Teehee. This week it’s more like I got the holiday blues and didn’t wanna work, so then it got backlogged and hurhur x)

    I get you on the depression. College was tough. :c hope things are better now at work as you sneak around like a ninja & expertly cutting up elves, though not as expertly as your coworkers might have 😛

    Uwah, I hope you stay safe. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of stuff happen.

    Heavy seasoning = tasty seasoning

    I also chow down food, though maybe not that fast. I had a hiccup with a steak the other week so uh xD will be eating a bit slowly for the interim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! c: Thank you!
      Take your time~
      Oh, damn, that’s rough. The holiday blues aren’t something to trifle with. I hope things get better soon.
      Yeah, I’m not sure why people like to claim college was the best years of their lives. It’s better now, though, thanks. I’m a ninja-in-training who has yet to master the art of cutting out elves!
      Yeah, my body is a bit of a mess, haha. I don’t really do dangerous things or hang out with questionable people anymore so I should be good?
      I’m glad you agree! We gotta taste that food or it’s not good!
      Oh, dear. Be careful ;__; I think I’ll follow your example for the time being. It’ll be the “happy holiday eating with Alane and Remy” where we put off work and just slowly eat our meals for hours at a time! c:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Holidays are soon! And I’m taking off starting Wednesday, so hoozawwww. I’ll derp around–i mean work–till then.

        It’s okay. There are many different facets to being a ninja. +_+

        hmm, idk, you’re still pretty questionable c; 😛

        It was still very good T.T. xD sounds like a plan! (though I hope we don’t make it into a show–maybe a little awkward) c:

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yay for holidays! Oh, wow, that’s nice. I only get the 23rd, 26th, and the 30th during these upcoming weeks (excluding weekends). I hope you’re at least slightly productive until Wednesday~ then again your project keeps getting delayed, right? :c
          The path to becoming a ninja is long and dangerous…
          E-ehhh? ;__;
          That’s good to hear. How do you like your steaks, by the way? O-oh, yeah, I guess it would be. No show! It’s just a secret lifestyle between you and me. Wait, that sounds even more taboo. Y-you know what I mean ;__;

          Liked by 1 person

          1. whattt? oh no! tell them that though their scissor cutting may be impeccable, you can make bottle cap elves like no one’s business

            murp ~.~ i’ll figure something out :c so sad

            hmm medium rare. you? Y-yeah i know ;__; my bad

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Haha that’ll be my claim to fame~
            Mmm ;__; poor Alane
            My parents had me raised on leathery, well-done steaks since they’re Christians who believe that the red stuff coming out of steaks that aren’t burnt to a crisp is blood. But I have been liking medium-rare these days!
            I-it’s okay, I was the one who started it ;___; no need to apologize.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. teeehee oop. c: i was sorta raised on well-done steaks too (depended on the paernt who cooked it!). then i started eating stuff that was too bloody for their tastes.

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Ohhh, we are now comrades who have eaten shoe leather in the form of steaks that have been burnt to a crisp (which parent liked well-done steaks?)!
            That’s some good tastes, in my opinion. A shame they don’t agree.

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  8. Congrats, again, Remy!! You are on FIRE this year 😉 Haha I hear you on school. I’d been rolling around wondering if education was even worth it and it was thanks to the support everyone gave me that I was able to keep going. Sorry to hear that you had to deal with it too. It really just makes the whole world feel like this black hole.

    As always, really enjoy your posts and I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Leafy! Haha, it seems like thats the case!
      Mmm I can relate to those feelings. I’m glad your friends and family helped support you, though! And yeah, it really does. ;_;
      Thank you! Your encouragement really helps. I hope you have a fantastic Merry Christmas, too!


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