Monthly Update #25 | November 2018 – Fall 2018 Midseason Musings, Still Catching Up on Content, Visual Novels

I’m ready for 2018 to be over.

But for now we just have to settle with being about halfway done with November.

Fall 2018 Midseason Musings

Hopefully I get this out by today or tomorrow. I’m actually not following watching the biggest, most popular shows this season so that means this upcoming post might be more boring for some, sorry…

Catch-Up Time Continues

Same song and dance. I might…start from November since the backlog is nuts by now…? But right now I’m not sure. Please don’t resent if that’s the case. We don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything we want and I feel awful not reading and interacting with what other bloggers are writing and sharing so I might have to compromise ;___;

Yuri Visual Novels

I might not be able to get some reviews out this week, but I plan on getting back on-track playing and reviewing visual novels about gay girls soon! Even as my numbers drop because this is something that needs to be done!!

Thanks for reading! 🌸

YumeTwins – November 2018 (Twinkling Transformation)

It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of writing aside from an occasional tweet, so I’ll be starting from the shallow end of the pool instead of jumping straight into the deep depths. As a result, I thought it could be nice if I wrote a post about the YumeTwins box I recently received.

I’m not sure if this is going to be a regular thing, but I have been a bit into loot boxes lately. This is my first YumeTwins box and I’ve already received two TokyoTreat boxes (neither of which I can actually review since I am gluttonous and there are no snacks left at this point).

So the theme for this month’s box is Twinkling Transformation. Two of the six items in this box literally transform whereas another has to do with a very popular magical girl franchise. The other three may or may bring forth actual change to your surroundings – the little pamphlet that accompanied the YumeTwins box implied as much, but that’s sort of the point of stuff we purchase, right? Posters and drawings and figurines and Nendoroids all do this by default and it’s silly to emphasize this particular aspect in order to promote the theme.

Anyways, I digress. Here are the goods along with carefully curated pictures in which I attempt to hide the fact that my bedsheets are pulling while completely exposing my laptop’s specs. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made when your room is a mess and you can’t take pics anywhere aside from on your own bed (pomf pomf).

So this is what was dubbed the Kawaii Changing Pouch. There are six different variants featuring Sanrio, San-x, and Doraemon characters.

What makes this a CHANGING POUCH is the fact that you can personally change the outer design by brushing your hand against the sequins. It’s a neat gimmick, but I’m personally worried my brutish and clumsy hands will ruin the sequins or something.

You can also go half-and-half.

The storage space is decent!

Next up is the Costume Pet Plushie. Mine is a catto. Here she is with her wizard hat hood up.

And here she is with it down. The soulless eyes coupled with her wiry whiskers make for an arresting and captivating companion (take it away from me, help).

This is the Sailor Moon Cleaner Cloth. The downside is that the cute packaging is fragile and I’ll just end up with a skirt if I remove said packaging.


I’ve already used it to polish my watch and my glasses. I’d say this is pretty good quality!

They called this the Sumikko Gurashi Peg Set. Basically, these are just really cute clothespins.

This Sheep Microfiber Cleaner is supposed to pick up dust and neutralize smelly odors with its bamboo charcoal…components? Not sure what part is exactly bamboo charcoal, but sure.

Last but not least is the Kawaii Mini Mini Memo.

I’m not crazy enough to count the amoung of pages we get, but it seems like the design of the pages changes around halfway.

Yikes, these pics are blurry. But it’s basically just a mini notebook. I would have liked the other variants shown in the pamphlet but it can’t be helped…

And that’s all for this month’s YumeTwins box. I’m not sure if all of this is worth 32 USD (excluding shipping and handling fees) but I do feel like I can use the more practical items in my daily life!

Aaaand that’s all for this post, too. Since I typed this all up in mobile, I imagine some parts of this post look a little weird. Hopefully the pictures aren’t too big.

Thank you for reading

Monthly Update #24 | October 2018 – Catching Up on Content, Visual Novels, Top Five Lists, Personal Projects

It’s been two years since I’ve started this monthly update thing, wow. And we only have 3 months until it’s the end of 2018!!!

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Top Seven Things Anime Fans Need to Stop Doing

Unfortunately, seven is not exactly the best number when it comes to lists. I think a lot of people are fond of the number since it’s supposedly lucky, but these biased numerical ranking lists tend to opt for three, five, or ten. Seven just isn’t a contender in this aspect.

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