Author: Remy Fool

Can We Stop Overusing The Word “Dark” to Describe Anime Series?

The anime blogger and critic community have always had a soft spot for buzzwords. However, this post will be focusing on a very specific word that I consider to be overused to the point of basically being meaningless. I’m talking about the word, “dark.”

So Far, So Good: Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season Continues to Showcase Moving Forwards In Spite of Setbacks

A common complaint I hear about idol shows is that they’re too sparkly. Everything wraps up too cleanly and everyone always end up happy. But I feel like Love Live! Sunshine!! throughly debunked such generalizations back in in 2016 through its narrative and is continuing to do so this season. Furthermore, the series continues to

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Sakura Gamer – Visual Novel Review

Length: Short (3 – 5 hours) Lewdness: 3/3 (Lewd – Gratuitous Nudity, Explicit Scenes) with 18+ patch Price: 9.99 USD Summary: Tired of her current job, the asocial Nekohime is convinced by Clover, a bubbly girl who happens to be Nekohime’s best friend, and Suki, a mischievous bad girl who recently moved into their apartment, to create a visual

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