Top Three Cool Old Dudes with Acacia Aurora!

Here we are with day three of my collaboration with Acacia Aurora! Today’s topic is “top three cool old dudes!” Yes, I kind of chose random topics for our five-day challenge, haha. 

Acacia Aurora’s list can be seen here.

Day 1: Top Three Tomboys My list and Acacia’s list

Day 2: Top Three One-shotsMy list and Acacia’s list

I have to confess…I’m usually drawn to the cool older guy seen in anime. They may be rough around the edges, but they’re just so dignified and manly and yeah I’ll just leave it at that.

3. Akabayashi Mizuki – Durarara!!x2

The Red Demon of the Awakusu Group

Even though he’s a criminal gangster (the Awakusu Group is basically the Yakuza) and is dangerous in a fight, Akabayashi Mizuki is a noble man who will not tolerate neither drugs nor prostitution. He even had a run-in with Saika and survived with his will intact by gouging out his own eye. Akabayashi-sama also serves as a parental figure of sorts to Sonohara Anri, the daughter of the woman he loved but never had a chance with. He didn’t

He’s only number three on the list since he’s not exactly old (he’s probably around 30-40 years old), but he’s still really cool.

2. Shibazaki Kenjiro – Zankyou no Terror

“No, I was just thinking about how weak this barley tea was.”

A nosy detective, a distant father, and a cool old guy. That’s who Shibazaki Kenjiro is to me. While it’s a shame that he is a bit of a crummy dad since he doesn’t visit his daughter unless it has to do with work, his wit when it comes to retorts (why is he so smooooth) and his sense of justice made me root for Shibazaki-sama while watching Zankyou no Terror even though he’s the heroic antagonist opposing the “terrorists with a cause.”

The fact that he’s scruffy and unkempt just adds to his charm, don’t you think? Eh? Am I being too weird? Keep it myself? Okay, sorry…

1.   Masaoka Tomomi – Pyscho Pass

Masaoka Tomomi.jpg
“Everything you’ve been taught is based on theories and logic. Soon, you’ll come to realize how pointless they are.”

Another detective who is a not so great father. This alcoholic probably won’t be winning any family awards. Masaoka Tomomi did have a pretty good reason for running out on his family since he is a latent criminal, however. It’s a tough life for a detective in this “utopia” since he gets lumped in with other criminals due to having the same thought process.

But although he’s the oldest Enforcer (I’m guessing he’s around 70), he’s among the best. Despite the quote in the caption, Masaoka-sama is quite logical and can deduce things through pure logic, yet follows his emotions when something is put on the line. His decision in episode 21 still makes me incredibly sad whenever I rewatch the scene.

That’s enough gushing about old dudes who are both cool and charming. Do any of you guys like cool old dudes? I’d love to find comrades hear your thoughts in the comments section!


25 thoughts on “Top Three Cool Old Dudes with Acacia Aurora!

  1. Old dudes are pretty awesome hahaha They’re the best comic reliefs ever (I don’t care how cliché that can get). I don’t know any of these animes but the descriptions do make them feel appealing ^^ So great job on that!

    My list would definitely feature Master Roshi from Dragon Ball. It was one of my childhood animes and even though I didn’t exactly understand half the innuendos at the time, I would still laugh my butt off!

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          1. It’s haaard. Don’t force yourself and just play when it feels right.
            On the other hand, it feels amazing to pick up a game that enthralls you from the start, right? I hope all of them are like that for you. Oh, wait, then you’d have no time for anything else and your sleep might suffer for a while… I hope most of them are like that for you, then!

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  2. As someone who is currently watching Psycho Pass and enjoying it so much it is crazy, I truly find the character of Masaoka very cool. He is just one of this instantly likeable persons. As for other old guys, I always really liked the grizzled and old but still very tough Daisuke Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell. Always enjoyed his calm but film leadership qualities 😀

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  3. Good picks. Very, very good picks. Your old man fetish is shining bright and I approve 😛
    For once, I actually know all three of the listed characters and I love them all as well.

    Akabayashi was fun every single time he showed up on screen, Shibazaki has this rugged sort of charm (yes, the scruff helps- you are not alone) and Masaoka is just all kinds of cool. His death gets to me even now but it was one hell of a way to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you approve. O-oh, dear, it’s all out there in the open, isn’t it?
      You nailed it all when it comes to the appeal of these cool old guys. Akabayashi acts so chill (sometimes) yet is so entertaining. Yesss the unkempt look is so key for Shibazaki!
      I cycle through watching that scene as well as various other anime scenes when I want to feel miserable. Masaoka ;__;

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