New Game! Episode 8 Review

Nenecchi returns to the forefront for this episode! What kind of mischief does the childish college student get herself into this time?

Well, the episode opens with Nene calling Aoba to talk about summer plans only to learn that Aoba’s going to be working all summer in order to keep Fairies Story 3 on schedule. Nene feels bad for Aoba as they end the call, but then she notices an ad for part-time work.

It turns out the poster was for part-time workers at Aoba’s company! It’s Nene’s first day at work, but she gets off to a rough start with Umiko, who is in charge of the new debuggers.

We never did get to learn why Nene was late.

Nene continues to make a bad impression on Umiko as she acts childish, smug, and suspicious to the point that Umiko suspects that Nene a spy from a rival gaming company. In spite of all that, Nene decides to leave the debugging area in order to search for Aoba. However, Umiko finds Nene in the coding area and becomes convinced that Nene really is a spy. Afraid that she’ll be arrested, Nene calls out to Aoba for help! As a result, Aoba introduces Nene to Rin and to Yagami, who Nene really respects.

A childhood friend in need is a childhood friend indeed…?

Afterwards, Nene is shown debugging the game until Aoba invites her to lunch. Once again, Aoba introduces Nene to her co-workers, Yun, Hajime, and Hifumi.

After Nene laments about not ordering dessert, Hajime tells the group that she’ll be right back. Suddenly Hazuki appears and jokingly calls Yun a spy. Perhaps the director heard the slander from Umiko. At any rate, Hazuki quickly takes a shine to Nene.

We can’t see this here, but Nene is shaking like a leaf. Stranger danger!

As smooth as ever, Hazuki pulls out a selfie-stick and squeezes herself between the young ladies. Maybe we’ll see some reference to Pokemon Go in a Fall 2016 anime, at this rate.

She’s so happy!

Nene starts thinking Aoba’s company is weird since Yun and Hifumi didn’t react to Hazuki’s strange behavior. Once Hajime returns with dessert and invites Nene to help herself to the ones stored in the fridge, however, Nene changes her mood really quickly. Apparently the goodies were gifts from a partner company, so every employee is encouraged to have some.

The way into a maiden’s heart is through her stomach, yeah?

The next scene jumps to Nene working hard at debugging. Thinking that Nene is slacking off, Umiko checks up on her. To Umiko’s surprise, Nene is being very thorough with her debugging report. I’m liking this dynamic, really: childish, hardworking Nene impressing imposing Umiko who struggles to convey how she’s actually impressed? Sounds like a potential ship to me!

The rest of the episode (before the ED) plays is basically Nene, who mistakenly believes everything in the company fridge is up for grabs after Hajime’s explanation, eating Yagami’s pudding and feeling guilty about her food theft.

Mistakes were made.

Nene then attempts to head to the coding area in order to apologize. After bumping into Rin, however, Nene’s imagination goes wild and causes Nene to run off without confessing to her crime.

The following day, Nene tries to make amends by buying Yagami a pudding and leaving it inside the fridge with a note. By this point, Rin already knows that Nene was the culprit and tells both Aoba and Nene to not be too hard on the accidental thief. Man, Rin can do anything besides holding her liquor and hiding her feelings for Yagami, huh?

After the ED plays, Umiko and Nene have a brief conversation in the elevator. Umiko tries to compliment Nene, who only realizes after she and Umiko part ways. Girls who struggle to say what’s on their mind can be cute!

The next episode is titled, “Do We Have to Come Into Work?” It looks like a onsen episode, so get ready for more fanservice. More dejected Nene is also expected to appear, hooray! See you next week!

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