Stella no Mahou Episode 9 Review – “Skill Up Pt. 2”

With the introduction of Minaha, a girl who’s just a better artist in general, how does our main character cope?

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, Tamaki is in a bit of a slump. She’s slipped back into only drawing middle-aged men and isn’t confident with drawing other things. She also had a silly dream where the other SNS club members choose to side with Minaha instead of her.

Rare footage of Tamaki’s ribbon not in sight (it fell).
Shiina was given a lot more prominence in Tamaki’s dream compared to Seki and Kayo, I must point out.
What a masterful quizzical look!

Tamaki spends the rest of the episode asking Shiina, Seki, and her down-to-earth classmate for some advice, practicing being a model, and sketching herself when she should have been studying for the competency tests.


Pretty misleading picture set there, oops.

Tamaki also gets a little closer to her “rival,” Minaha. Tamaki starts calling her Ha-chan, which is great since Tamaki seems very formal with her upperclasswomen. She needs more close friends.

Ha-chan, on the other hand, has started spreading around Seki’s story because she really loves her writing. Too bad she can’t actually stand Seki, however. Nevertheless, she is immediately enamored with “Iris-Sensei,” which is just Seki taking off her glasses. The dramatic irony is strong here!

The SNS club managed to snag a deal with the famous doujin writer that’s friends with Kayo, so they’re going to be rushing to make a new game for summer Comiket. Due to Minaha’s insistence, they’re going to be adopting one of Seki’s older stories (much to Seki’s disdain). Both Tamaki and Minaha are to be the artists.

“This is a must-read!”
Yumine and Minaha are buddies from the Literature club.
Fangirls are powerful

Thanks to Minaha, Seki’s story has been spreading. It even influenced Tamaki’s rowdy classmate, who starts trying to act like a refined and elegant girl. Emphasis on trying.


More modeling mishaps

My favorite character only gets one scene. At least she noticed the two artists getting along. Minaha reacts in tsundere fashion.

I thought this episode was needed. The girls needed to start making a game for Summer Comiket and this episode has them finally getting started in that. Minaha left a bad impression on me the previous episode, but she was relatively nice this week. Hopefully Tamaki regains confidence soon.

Next week’s episode is titled “Precision Machinery.” See you next week!

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