Sakura Quest Episode 21 Review – “The Pixie in the Town of Ice”

(Spoilers in this review) Two Sentence Summary: Erika decides she wants to run away to Tokyo in order to escape from boring ol’ Manoyama. The Fab Five, however, manage to convince her to stay as they attempt to convince shopkeepers in the shopping district to help with the Mizuchi Festival and as they try to find the last remaining treasure, the Golden Dragon.

Comments: For those of you who are struggling to remember who Erika is, she’s the daughter of the local restaurant, “Anji and Erika” (which is named after her). She also doubles as a rude waitress at said restaurant.

Whereas the other girls can sort of relate to Erika’s feelings, Shiori simply can’t understand why someone would want to leave their countryside hometown. That’s been a consistent aspect for Shiori ever since episode 1. I found it nice that this was popping up again as Erika gets some characterization beyond being a snarky waitress who has a crush on Maki’s brother (actually, she’s got some interesting things going on for a side character).

The episodes continue to have multiple events / “quest lines” happening at the same time as the series races towards the finish line. Finding out that the bus driver, the police man, and the book store owner were childhood friends was a real surprise! Hopefully they, along with Yoshino, Sanae, and Ririko, can decipher the coded message that reveals the location of the Golden Dragon. Too bad memory is unreliable and they can’t remember things that happened only a few decades ago.

With the events of Warabiya still fresh in her head, Yoshino starts to wonder if she’s just forcing the locals to change when they just want to be left alone. A bit late to be wondering that, isn’t it, Yoshino? Be that as it may, Ririko’s grandmother thinks that the Board of Tourism’s efforts are in Manoyama’s best interests whereas the book store owner seems to imply that things are fine as they are. At this rate, I believe no one truly knows what’s best for Manoyama and it comes down to persuasion.

In typical Sakura Quest fashion, this episode is another “set-up” episode and things will likely be resolved the following week. The episode, and the series as a whole, addresses more real life concerns and continues to have me hooked even though it’s not the most exciting and action-packed series by a long shot. Maybe we’ll learn a bit about Angelica, who is otherwise known as the owner of “Anji and Erika” and the mother of Erika, since Erika has never really shown her that much respect. At any rate, next week’s episode should be interesting!

Ririko’s grandmother supports their efforts, but also tells them to go out and contact the people who aren’t attending this meeting.
A surprise visitor! She wanted to hitchhike all the way to Tokyo!
Yoshino’s sisterly instincts kick in.
Maki gets Erika invested in a story about a woman ordering crepes while wearing a white wedding dress. Just so Erika doesn’t ditch class. Stay in school, kids!
Shiori admits to feeling like the odd one out since she’s never wanted to leave Manoyama.
Shiori volunteers to pick up Erika instead of Maki, but the two can’t see eye-to-eye over Manoyama.
“Shopping districts are unfortunately not needed these days”
They just happened to start talking about the Golden Dragon. The plot must continue!
Here’s a flashback showing the three childhood friends burying the Golden Dragon.
Shiori can’t handle hearing insults or doubtful criticisms directed towards Manoyama anymore.
Erika so very much reminds me of a cat.
Looks like his childhood dreams came true since he did become a bookstore owner.
One of these days I’ll make a post about the girls’ clothing in Sakura Quest.
What could this coded message mean???





3 thoughts on “Sakura Quest Episode 21 Review – “The Pixie in the Town of Ice”

  1. “Too bad memory is unreliable and they can’t remember things that happened only a few decades ago.”

    I can’t remember things that happened last week. Have fun decoding that, folks.

    Hey, I’m curious how that crepes story ended.

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    1. Mmm they’re probably in for a rough ride.

      See, Maki is a storytelling genius. She started the story when they were almost at Erika’s school. Therefore they arrived at the school before she finished and left Erika (and the audience) hanging. Maki promised to tell Erika the rest after school as a way to insure that Erika won’t just run off to Tokyo.

      But then Shiori wanted to butt in to chat with Erika so no one got to hear the conclusion of that crepes story ;__;

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