My Top 5 Anime Hairstyles

Now this is definitely a contentious top 5 list.

At any rate, this topic was suggested to me by shaddowcat99, who claims she’s new to anime but still writes fun and engaging posts. She started up a new weekly feature, The Chuckle and Chortle Collection, and it’s got some good stuff there. Check it out!

As for the actual list, well, these are just the anime hairstyles I like. Throw in some shallow and superficial reasons and I guess we’re set with a controversial top 5 list, yay! Alright, here goes!


And join me in the biggest miracle we’ve seen!

That’s it. Let’s wrap it up. No other hairstyle can win. This list is over.

Wait, I have to mention 4 other arbitrary characteristics that are related to hair which I like before I can call it quits? And I have to say why I like ponytails? That’s hard work.

Hmm. I guess I just think tomboys are great!

Hime Cut

You don’t know how many pics of Dia-san I had to take before deciding on this one.

Popular during the Heian period and Meiji Revolution, women who wear this particular hair style are often associated with the upper classes and are slaves to tradition.

The hairstyle in question involves perfectly level bangs (hehe, bangs make a girl look 10 years younger), side locks that end at the cheek or shoulder level, and long, flowing hair.

Refined girls are great! Elegant girls are also wonderful! Same with bossy girls! Girls with hime cuts tend to be fall under at least of those aforementioned categories!

Bob Cut

Hanabi from Kuzu no Honkai. Best girl rocking (one of) the best hairstyles. Amazing!

They’re just so sleek and underslated but are somehow loud because of said simplicity. Wow! I also like girls with medium (and short, on that matter) length hair, but bob cuts are like the queen (and provide a very tangible mental image), so that’s why I specifically mention this particular hairstyle.

I did mention and think that bob cuts look sleek, but messier bob cuts are cool, too.

…when the two hairstyles are placed side by side, the bob cut looks a lot like a shorter hime cut…

Suehara Kyouko Cut

kyouko suehara.jpg

I don’t even know how to describe her hairstyle with a single phrase but I love it. She has a high ruffled top while her side locks loop up and behind just to be tied up in a cute mini-ponytail. It’s a bit convoluted, admittedly, yet I adore it all the same. Maybe because I adore the mahjong player, too.

Messy Hair

Messy hair and a ponytail?! My heart isn’t ready.

Gimme some of that bed head, please.

Yes, these girls go and pull off that unkempt look that makes it look like they don’t care. Because they probably don’t. And that’s okay.

Or maybe they’re super heavy sleepers. Maybe they’re constantly tardy because they’re always sleeping in. At any rate, they can do and should keep doing what they want because messy hair is moe.

Honorable mentions:

Kagami Aoi from Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm. How would you even describe her hairstyle? Spiky medium length? Remy bait? Help me out, please.
sakura d frag.gif
Mizukami Sakura from D-Frag! would also qualify.
I know this is a card (that belongs in an app), but Akari Amari appeared in the anime Girlfriend Beta. Singular high side ponytail is the greatest. Highlights don’t hurt, either.

Sorry, looks like fan favourites, twin tails and drills, didn’t make the list. Maybe next time.

What would be on your list of favourite anime hairstyles? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

33 thoughts on “My Top 5 Anime Hairstyles

  1. Since this was a list of female hairstyles exclusively, I’d say the hime cut and plain long hair are both nice. There’s just something about those hairstyles that’s hard to describe but easy to like, particularly for black hair…

    (I’ll reserve my preferences in male hairstyles for when that list comes out…that is, if you do fulfil Shoka’s request.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I was so tempted to mention plain long hair. Glad to see so many people are fans of that hairstyle!
      Black hair looks particularly good when worn in that way, I agree.

      (Mmm I’ll consider it…)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes yes yes on the messy hair. I think you already know my vast love for Kaoru from Amagami. Ponytails are great too!

    Also the twin drills are pretty good, I always get reminded of Misha from Katawa Shoujo whenever that hairstyle comes up 😛

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  3. Soon as I saw Kyoko Suehara I burst out laughing. I’ve been known to pause reading the manga and just stare at that hairstyle for minutes at a time like it’s a puzzle to be solved. Although when it comes to bizarre Saki hairstyles I think Shindouji would win the team competition in a runaway. Himeko’s is pretty normal, but the other four look like they just got back from an audition for a girls’ punk band.

    As for my own favorite hairstyles for anime girls (with a favorite example noted for each):
    1. Hime Cut (Chitanda from Hyouka)
    2. Odango (Meiling from Cardcaptor Sakura)
    3. Twin Tails (Rin Tohsaka from Fate)
    4. The Misaki (long side locks with the rest cut short. I call it The Misaki because I’ve only seen it on two characters, and both of them are named Misaki: Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer, and Misaki Shido from Love Live School Idol Festival)
    5. Bushy-as-hell (Yukari from Girls und Panzer)

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    1. Her hair is an engaging entity in itself.
      Yes! Shindouji will win, no contest. Himeko may have normal locks in comparison, but her eyeliner makes her potentially more punk than the others!

      1. Good girl and good cut from a good show.
      2. Ohoho~ her raspy laugh is one to think about.
      3. I think her thin twin tails is something to be imitated and admired.
      4. Great name for a rare cut that deserves more love.
      5. Mmm her hair looks so fluffy!


      1. True, I didn’t think about the eyeliner. Now, imagine Yasukouchi wearing that eyeliner to go along with her spiky hair.

        Serious question, though: which style do you like better, Mairu’s asymmetrical side locks, or that girl from Bansei with just the single drill?


        1. Suddenly Yasukouchi is the biggest rebel the Saki universe has ever seen. Amazing!

          Hmmm. I’ve gotta go with Mairu’s asymmetrical side locks. I don’t particularly care for drills personally. What about you?


          1. Can’t decide, that’s partly why I asked. I’m neutral on drills, so that’s not a make-or-break either way. To me Bansei’s style feels “cuter” while Mairu’s feels “sexier,” so it might depend on what I’m in the mood for.


          2. Hmm I think I can agree with your categories.

            Even though drills look like such a pain to get going and seem to be reserved for upper class ladies, they sort of project a cuter or younger image, I guess.


  4. Seeing this, I envy the perfect bob. No hope for the hime style since I chopped off mine. Why am I talking about my hair? Sorry.. 😆 Triggered because of this post. But thanks for sharing your top 5!

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  5. I think my top five would be…
    1. The super long and full hair that most girls would die for but never achieve.
    2. Twin drills
    3. The single long braid
    4. The hair that one guy in Cromartie high has… It sways on top of his head like a creature!
    5. Any guys haircut that allows for swishy bangs when they move dramatically. (Strangely enough, I don’t like this irl)

    Thanks for taking a controversial list (I didn’t realize it could be!) And making it fun. I’ve never been a point tail fan personally, (mostly because I can’t pull one off very well), but i understand the appeal.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 1. Oh, dang, that’s probably the dream hair. Sounds high maintenance though.
      2. Double drills means twice as good.
      3. Ohhh, just tie a ring on the end and she’s knocking out unwelcome admirers just like that!
      4. Haha it does look great!
      5. Mmmm. 2d > 3d

      You’re very welcome. Thanks for suggesting it in the first place!
      Controversy lurks everywhere!
      Awww okay. No worries there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is high maintenance, I was almost there in my early teens (about as close as you can get) but then I was in a play and I had to rat the heck out of it for my part. My hair never recovered, though it’s a lot healthier now then it has been in a long time and I’m really thinking of growing it all out again.

        Oh my goodness! The deadly braid! Makes me think of a old west retelling of repunzel where she used her braids like lassos.

        Your welcome
        It does. *nods*
        eh, I get over it.

        Liked by 1 person

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