My Name in TBW (Anime Tag)

Keiko nominated me for this tag a week ago and Aldael picked me yesterday. They’re way too nice, wow. Both Keiko and Aldael write up weekly wrap-ups (that’s a lot of W’s) for seasonal anime, which is nice to consult since we live in a hectic world where there’s never enough time.

Keiko is doing a cute, fun collab with The Pantless Anime Blogger and Leap250 in which they talk about Devils Line, Mahou Shoujo Site, and Boku no Hero Academia S3 as a group. Go check out those posts and see what they said!! Do it!

On the other hand, Aldael is an attentive writer who isn’t afraid to get really detailed. I especially loved his piece on Koi wa Ameagari no You ni and its parallels to Rashomon.

So the point of this tag is to name a book in your TBR, or To Be Read, list for each letter of your name. Since I can’t remember the last time I read a book that wasn’t a poetry collection, I’ll pervert the tag and making it about my TBW, or To Be Watched, instead.

R – Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!?

Well, I used to play a little known game called Cosmic Break for a few years and the game did have a collaboration of sorts with Rokujyouma. Man, those Rokujyouma units sure were overpowered at the time… Anyways, I still haven’t watched the show, but sources lead me to believe that Yurika is best girl.

One such source.

E – The Eccentric Family

I’ve only heard good things about it, but I also don’t really know what it’s about. Is it comparable to The Adams Family? *snap snap*

Oh, my sixth grade English teacher turned my real name into this fucking chant in the tune of The Adams Family song and the whole class would get in on it, by the way. It was very strange.

M – Mai-HiME

Heard it’s pretty gay!

Y – Yama no Susume

I mean, it’s getting a third season. Very likely to be pretty good. Also a fanmade gif made two of the girls look really gay.

F – Flying Witch

I had started watching this series, but I was in school at the time when it first started airing and the stress beat me down and killed my motivation. And then when I was done with school I got busy looking for work and then I started this small blog and then started at a terrible job and then yeah.

I need some healing. And maybe some mandrake to scare my enemies.

O – Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu

Some people have told me it’s stupid. Others have told me it’s fun. Maybe it’s both!

O – Outbreak Company

I always try to give isekai stories a shot even though I almost always end up disappointed. This one has me on the fence since I watched the first episode and the guy was a bit too happy about being surrounded by little girls.

Police? Yes, this business man lying on the floor just said he loves little girls…

Look, I have to put up with being called a lolicon after I watched Ryuuou no Oshigoto!, which means it’ll be a long while before I pick up Outbreak Company (it’s all in good fun, though, don’t worry).

L – Little Witch Academia

I… probably was drowning in drafting episode reviews at the time this aired? Yikes, what a shame. Should try to make some time for this one!

It’s late and I have work tomorrow and I hate my job so I won’t be tagging anyone else. Sorry about that.

6 thoughts on “My Name in TBW (Anime Tag)

  1. Good luck with your quest! As I get older, my watch list keeps getting longer while my time to actually watch things keeps getting shorter.

    I own Flying Witch on Blu-Ray, and if someone ever licensed and released Yama no Susume over here it’d be a first-day preorder for me. Neither one is yuri (despite what the YnS EDs might lead you to believe), but they’re both really good shows. Keep in mind with YnS that it doesn’t really come into its own until season 2. The first season episodes are only three minutes long and don’t do much more than introduce the characters and their base personalities. Season 2 is 24 fifteen-minute episodes, and that’s where it blossoms into a real series. And Flying Witch is one of those series like Aria or Non Non Biyori that’s just ideally suited for de-stressing yourself.

    I liked Mai-Hime well enough when it came out, but I tried rewatching it a few years ago and couldn’t get back into it again. Still worth watching once I think if you haven’t seen it, though. And yes, it is really gay.


    1. I believe I’m starting to become familar with that situation and it scares me. Thank you. I also hope you can find more time to watch the shows on your watch list.

      Hearing that about Flying Witch is very good! And wow, that’s quite the interesting format for YnS. Thanks for the heads-up. Sounds like patience will pay off here. I’ll manage without the yuri.

      Ah, one of those shows, huh? That’s unfortunate. Well, at least I was right about Mai-hime.

      Thanks for the input!!


  2. R: You may end up disagreeing, but best girl is Sanae.

    E: It’s nothing like Adams Family. It’s a tanuki comedy about grief and politics. Or maybe it’s a drama which is fun because tanuki have the idiot blood run through their veins. This anime has been made for me personally. I’m convinced of it. I hope you like it.

    M: Mai Hime is utterly gay and even uses it for a rather good twist in one case.

    Y: It’s cute, and actually pretty good about mountaineering. Think Yuru Camp, with a different sense of humor.

    F: Awww, Flying Witch should have been perfect to sooth some stress… It’s a very calming show for me.

    O: Yes, it’s both stupid and fun.

    O: I don’t remember excess lolicon, certainly not on the level of Ryuou no Oshigoto. Maybe it’s there. I found the show more forgettable than it’s concept.

    L: It was held captive in the Netfilx prison, so most people didn’t watch it as it aired. Good fun.


    1. R: I could be wrong! I will keep an open mind.

      E: Ohhh that sounds very promising. Will let you once I find time to watch it.

      M: Very good news.

      Y: And that’s a pitch I can’t ignore!

      F: Yeah, I dropped the ball on this one, oops. Good to hear you also enjoyed this one.

      O: Nice, nice. We all need shows like that sometimes.

      O: Oh, the first lukewarm title in this acrostic.

      L: Ah, that’s right. UGH. On the bright side, I am chuckling at the idea of Netflix prison.


  3. Thanks for the kind words!
    It’s very unfortunate that stress beat your will to watch Flying Witch. Hope this time Flying Witch will beat any stress.
    Yama no Susume was pretty fun. I’m afraid it’s gay only in a sense of being jolly but again, if you have a mind for some iyashikei, that’s a good choice.

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