My Thoughts on Sakura Fox Adventure

If you keep tabs on yuri visual novels, then you probably already know about Winged Cloud and the yuri visual novels they churn every few months or so. Generally said visual novels include tons of fanservice and intimate scenes to the point that they could be considered less than classy by those who are disinterested in sex and nudity.

Sakura Fox Adventure is more or less the same in that regard, but there’s also a lot of good morals and themes to be derived from this particular visual novel. I really like how Mikoto, the titular weakling foxgirl is rewarded for her hard work as well as determination to stay true to her feelings (should the reader decide to make such choices, of course). An underdog story just seems the right kind of fluff to read and experience during these trying times.

Similarly, I appreciate how Mikoto and Juni, a human knight who becomes Mikoto’s girlfriend, approach and discuss consent — granted, Mikoto fumbles a few times by getting overly eager, but this important topic is still handled more gracefully compared to, say, Sakura Halloween.

Lastly, the reader can even decide if they want Mikoto to shun someone who’s really hurt her or if they want Mikoto to be a merciful saint. Either option is defensible really. The choice is yours!

All in all, Sakura Fox Adventure is a relatively straightforward story with plenty of saucy scenes as well as a few developments that can be potentially predicted by savvy readers, but there are still quality lessons to be learned. I personally found reading through this visual novel to be a bit of a cathartic relief. The fact that Juni and Mikoto make a cute couple certainly helps.

The NSFW patch can be downloaded here.

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