Mini-Blog Update

I feel weird posting about this when April is less than 10 days away. 

But, uh, I revamped the palette scheme of The Lily Garden. No more of that eyesore purple! Hopefully it looks more calming for those of you who actually look at the website. I always find myself using WordPress mobile, though.

Aaaaand I added a Playthroughs page to the drop-down menu! Reviews -> Visual Novel Reviews -> Playthroughs! For now, I’m only doing a playthrough of The Shadows of Pygmalion, but I might do more in the future! If you can sit through a heavy story, take a look at it. Or don’t. I-It’s not like I wished you would, you b-bass trombone player!

One last thing! I think I’ll be putting the Wednesday’s What Abouts on hold again. I feel inherently limited with that format and would rather post when I have a good idea instead of feeling forced to post every week with mediocre ideas.

That’s all, folks!

16 thoughts on “Mini-Blog Update

  1. The new layout looks very nice. c: I actually really was interested in your Shadow of Pygamalion posts, but it said there were spoilers in the post titles (thank goodness) and I actually want to play that game. It’s on my Steam wishlist. xD So sorry for not reading them! D:

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    1. Thank you! I’m sorry everyone had to put up with its terrible color scheme for two months befoe I realized I should change it. Not exactly the best with design…
      Ahhh no worries! Good thing I mentioned that I included spoilers, then. I really recommend playing through it! It’s probably one of my favorite visual novels. c:

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      1. I just have one question about the visual novel; is there any disturbing content in it? I literally only picked it based on its art and know nothing about it, lol. XD

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        1. Yes, I would say it does. MangaGamer and Steam like to say it’s a game for all ages because there isn’t any overt nudity, but there’s instances of mass bloodshed, murder, forced intimate encounters, and other things. Not for the faint of heart.

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          1. Ah, thank you very much for telling me. Some of that stuff is not quite my cup of tea, so I guess I won’t be playing it after all… 😛 Such a waste. I wish we got more visual novels out here.


          2. You’re welcome. Mmm fair enough. We get a few out here but it’s rather meager compared to Japan.

            Have you tried A Little Lily Princess? It’s a lot softer in comparison (but you will end up hating a character or two) and is quite fluffy.

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          3. I’ve never even heard of that one. o: But if it’s fluffy, I probably will like it… Do you have a review of it?

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