Frame Arms Girl Episode 3 Review – “Let’s Go To School / Here Come the Materia Sisters”

An important life lesson followed by the introduction of two new Frame Arms Girls!

(Spoilers in this review

On the bright side, Gourai (and the other FA girls) are gradually learning about the real world (this week they learn about the importance of teamwork). The addition of two more characters makes me worry about the pacing of the show, however. It seems like there’s three more girls to be introduced. That probably means they’ll all be a part of the cast by episode 6 at the earliest (I find it unlikely that Frame Arms Girl will introduce two seperate characters within the same episode; the Materia Sisters were an exception since they are, well, sisters).

That would leave around 6 episodes available for the gang to encounter actual conflict. This whole “spend half the season introducing characters and then use the rest of the season to depict some semblance of a story” setup almost feels like Schoolgirl Strikers again, to be honest. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see. The girls are entertaining enough as it is, at least.

The first half of the episode is about Base sneaking into Ao’s bag so she can see what school is like. Gourai and Stylet end up giving chase and Ao’s classmate, Bokiko, ends up learning that Ao is housing all these prototype Frame Arms Girls at her house. In the end, Bokiko, Ao, Gourai, and Stylet team up in order to subdue the wily Base and bring her home. Gourai is quick to note the importance of teamwork in order to accomplish things that are normaly beyond an individual’s reach.

These ugly turnip things keep showing up and I wonder if they’ll be important later on.
Cutie smiling at me from within a bag. The school day is already awesome.
Here’s Bokiko! Two cuties smiling at you in succession?! Ao, you’re set for today.
Ao expressing surprise over how Stylet and Gourai also followed her to school.
Turns out Bokiko is a Frame Arms Girl fanatic.
Base has been flying around and stealing shiny things to create a nest / pile.
Bokiko and Ao talk about shiny pliers in an attempt to grab Base’s interest.
So is the point of the show to market nippers? I’m learning a lot about them.
Base fell for the bait and Gourai takes her down!

The second half of the show is about the arrival of the Materia Sisters. They are almost certainly lesbian (yes!), incestous (wait), and sadistic (WAIT).

They are definitely the stronger team (compared to Gourai teaming with Stylet; they didn’t asked Stylet to participate because they sense that Base is rather similar to them), but the two girls utilizes teamwork (as a callback to the first half of the episode) to level the playing field. In the end, Stylet is able to distract the sisters while Gourai charges the Prototype Heavy Weapon Unit 17 Revolving Buster Cannon (that’s the full name, no joke). She then proceeds to blast the sitting ducks and bring their HP down to zero.

Oh, and the Materia Sisters are here to stay because they’re sore losers like Stylet and Ao can’t turn down the prospect of more money. Too bad for you, Stylet, huh? She was working her way towards the Gourai route and then these two thirty girls came out of nowhere.

Incestous? Probably.
Lesbian? I’m all for it.
S-Sadistic? H-hang on!
The body language tells us everything we need to know, Stylet.
Bobiko just happened to have made a prototype weapon for them to use!
She’s a decent artist. But she sure likes to toot her own horn.
Whoa, the Frame Arms Girls’ faces are actually darwn here instead of being mere CGI!
Too bad the Sisters didn’t dodge, huh?
That’s what they get for being cocky and not wearing armor.
Immiment threesome?

3 thoughts on “Frame Arms Girl Episode 3 Review – “Let’s Go To School / Here Come the Materia Sisters”

  1. “They are almost certainly lesbian (yes!), incestous (wait), and sadistic (WAIT)”

    You know, I can get behind that. *hides*

    And wow, those drawn faces look gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not against that when I’m not pretending to be a normie. In regards to incest, at least. And only if it’s 2-d. The hickies speak for themselves in regards to the S & M scale…

      Right? If only the faces were drawn more often.

      Liked by 1 person

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