New Game!! Episode 1 Review – “Of All The Embarrassing Things To Be Caught Doing…”

A continuation of the popular anime adaptation from last year has arrived! And it still features heavy doses of yuri subtext office life! Yay!

(Spoilers in this review

The episode was essentially split into four parts.

Aoba and her co-workers make small talk as the audience learns that a) Aoba will remain the youngest teammate since there were no new-hires this year and b) their company is currently unsure about their next project.

1 (1)
Such colorful reaction images!
1 (3)
Ah, the series isn’t shy in reminding us about how Yagami stays overnight to work without wearing pants.
1 (9)
The audience surrogate, Shizuku, is getting excited over cute girls again. This time it’s Hifumi.

The second part of the episode has Umiko and Nene bonding. I have heard that Umiko is a rather controversial girl, but I think she pairs well with Aoba’s childhood friend. At any rate, they feed each other (like lovers) and Nene tells Umiko about her growing passion for designing/coding games.

1 (15)
Umiko is rather touchy-feely with Nene.
1 (19)
Umiko tries to remain calm and tells herself to pretend she’s feeding an animal.
1 (21)
Nene’s sudden attack proves to be effective!
1 (24)
This is a very fun activity to do with your lover/partner/friends and I highly recommend doing so to spice things up.
1 (25)
I also recommend practicing the dogeza to avoid being clobbered. By the way, angela called the dogeza “a traditional Japanese greeting” at Anisong World Matsuri. Their sense of humor is amazing.
1 (27)
Nene Quest!
1 (32)
Hifumi is happy her expression is softer but bothered that she couldn’t speak her mind at work.
1 (33)
Obligatory eyecatch screenshot. It’s great as usual.

The third part of the episode has the main girls come in to be questioned by Hazuki and Rin about how the previous year went. It’s kind of like evaluation reports.

1 (34)
Aoba wonders out loud why there’s only women at this company.
1 (38)
Rin demonstrates her trademark attachment to Yagami.
1 (42)
Hifumi continues to be excessively cute.
1 (50)
Umiko threatens Hazuki. But with good reason!
1 (53)
Hajime tries to propose a game with a particular genre but gets shot down. Hey, that’s a GameCube!
1 (55)
Yun feels flustered that she doesn’t have a goal like the others, but she’s reassured that she’s an important member of the group. I wish I was told that at work, haha.

The last part of the episode has the girls do some late-night cherry-blossom-viewing. More yuri hijinks happen, of course, as well as continuations of the episode’s earlier developments.

The episode ends with Shizuku announcing a company-wide character design contest. The winner will be the lead character designer for the upcoming project. Yagami, who Aoba looks up to, won the contest and was thus designated the main character designer for Fairies Story. Aoba will try her best!

1 (56)
Lots of delicious food.
1 (58)
Typical Rin reaction towards Yagami.
1 (63)
A big announcement! Who are these mob characters in the back?
1 (65)

Just like with last year, I struggled to keep the amount of pictures in this episode review to a reasonable level. That just means I found the anime aesthically pleasing and humorous.

So far so good, New Game!!. Looking forward to the next episode!


6 thoughts on “New Game!! Episode 1 Review – “Of All The Embarrassing Things To Be Caught Doing…”

      1. That’s funny, because everywhere I went, I found positive impressions of the first season. New Game! can be a bit tricky to write for, and it can come across as being implausible, but on the whole, it is a fun series. There are some jokes that only 3D modellers and programmers will get, but they do not detract from the show even if one is outside of the disciplines (for instance, I explain how Nene’s bug works, as well as why Umiko’s advice to her is sound).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Overall it was positive impressions, but I came across a few naysayers. But every show has its share of detractors.

          Mmm I really struggled with covering the first one due to it being one of the first shows I covered on an episodic basis as well as the fact thst I just felt compelled to include tons of pics. And this season is no different. There is also a sense of progress within each episode that can’t be ignored. Still, it makes for a rewarding watching/reviewing experience.

          Mmm I’ll have to check that out!


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