What it means to be an aniblogger

You struggle to simply watch anime and to just enjoy what you’re seeing.
You’re too busy taking notes in order to analyze, criticize, defend.

You have less and less time devoted to actually watching anime.
You have to schedule out posts and come up with ideas to appease others.

You dread the possibility that your blogging friends will someday quit for good.
You’ve already seen some disappear because of work and because of school.

You feel pressured to interact with others and read their content.
You’re happy to do so with some, but for others it’s an unrequited interest.

You constantly compare yourself to others and their accomplishments.
You want to congratulate them, but you feel pathetic looking at yourself.

You spend so much time and effort writing posts about your favorite shows.
You try not to cry when the number of views is less than the number of likes.

You come to terms over how your tastes don’t match with that of others.
You tell yourself that this is okay and that you don’t feel alone or isolated.

You fall in love with fictional characters with imaginary personalities.
You know this’ll make reaching the conclusion more bitter, but you can’t stop.

You know all of this.
But you wouldn’t trade it for the world.


41 thoughts on “What it means to be an aniblogger

  1. I didn’t realise how wide and expansive the world of anime and manga is. I have only started to scratch the surface. You have a pretty cool blog going on and have made sure to follow to read more.

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  2. What a great post. Even though I don’t blog exclusively about anime, pretty much all of these points are spot on, and very relatable indeed. If there is one thing I definitely know for sure as well, I would not want to trade this one in for the world either 😀

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  3. Are you ready for the inevitable day when I leave the anime blogging community? Jokes aside, I know the feeling of being an anime blogger. I plan things out in advance, but I also enjoy shows as I watch them. Finally, yes, I did fall in love with an idea of a character in Miho Nishizumi.


        1. I know and thank you.

          I was just acknowledging that I usually don’t keep my blog posts “raw and real” like this. But perhaps I should reconsider due to the reception.


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