Wednesday’s What About: Insert Songs

I published this a day early, oops. Oh, well.

Two weeks ago (I’m sorry, I was too busy looking for a job to write one last week), I wrote a brief feature about verbal tics. This week, I would like to talk about insert songs.

What is an insert song? Well, it’s a “song with lyrics that is inserted during a certain scene of a show or series. Usually, this is done to give a scene more emotional impact.”

It might be because I’m re-entering an idol phase, but I rather appreciate insert songs. I’m a sucker for emotional stuff, which is what insert songs usually go for. Even if the scene is slightly off and doesn’t stir my heart, the insert song is still another song for me to remember the show by. Win-win!

Most shows seem to justify the purpose of insert songs by having an in-universe idol group or band. The Macross franchise would be one example, as with the Love Live! franchise.

However, that isn’t always the case. For instance, A-Channel had an insert song nearly once an episode (amazing!)

I guess I’ll have to cut this blog post short. If I had a salary, I could upgrade my blog so I could share some videos of my favorite insert songs. I do start next week, apparently, so there’s that.

What about you? Do you enjoy insert songs? What are some of your favorites?

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