New Game! Episode 3 Review

Aoba continues working on a NPC while learning what it means to be part of the office labor force!

I’m going to try trimming my episode synopsis posts down. Currently they’re way too long! Anyways, a summary of this episode:

  • Aoba oversleeps
  • Yun bonds a bit more with Aoba
  • Yagami is still going strong with her tough love as Aoba continues designing and modeling her first NPC

The episode opens with Aoba oversleeping. Sometimes, the snooze button is too tempting!

This was me every morning during college.

During her commute to work, Aoba imagines what Yagami will do to her if she’s late. Aoba seems to be really against sleeping without pants.


That’s capital punishment, Yagami!

Aoba then has a chance encounter with Yun. After bonding  over their lack of athletic ability, the two girls try to run to work in order to avoid being tardy. Aoba turns out to be even slower than Yun.

Yun finds a comrade.

The girls manage to reach the building, but Aoba then accidentally trips, causing her office supplies to spill out of her bag. Thankfully, Yun and Hifumi (who was also just arriving) are nice girls who help pick up Aoba’s stuff. As a result, however, Aoba, Yun, and Hifumi are all late.

Yagami scolds the three for showing up late, but she’s quick to take back her words after they explain why they’re late (dojikko moe and friendship won her over). She tells the three she’ll overlook their tardiness this time, but they all have to submit a tardy form. Yagami then sulks at her desk.

Faito, Yagami!

Several minutes later, the three gals turn in terrible tardy forms. Hifumi’s was especially amusing unacceptable.

No emoticons allowed, Hifumi!

Aoba finally manages to finish her first NPC. Yagami looks it over and says it isn’t bad. However, she wants Aoba to keep working on it. Meanwhile, Yun and Hajime are bickering like an old married couple. I wish the two of them eternal happiness.

The director appears once again as Aoba is prepping some coffee. She really, really likes Aoba, huh?

Shizuku, please.

Aoba says good night to Yagami, who is focused on her work. While at home, Aoba remembers the sight of Yagami working hard and gets fired up about work.

There’s a cute eye catch here. About midway through the episode now, folks.

I’ll be damned if that’s not the cutest cup I’ve ever seen.

Cue a mini montage of Aoba revising her NPC as Yagami continues to reject her submissions. Aoba starts to feel down, but Yun gives Aoba both candy and encouragement. Yun enjoys feeding Aoba, it seems!

Aoba then decides to ask Hifumi for advice, which makes sense since she’s also responsible for making NPCs. Rin is busy as the art director, Yagami is busy doing her stuff, Yun creates the 3-d monster models and Hajime animates said monster models (see? They’re OTP).

…Maybe the actual OTP is Hifumi x emoticons.

Rin onee-san comes and says Aoba has done well for her first model. After she calls Yagami a perfectionist, Rin and Aoba leave the office together. While on the train, Rin reveals Yagami’s tough love to Aoba.


Aoba has another phone call with Nenecchi. As they babble about NPCs, Aoba realizes why Yagami said her NPC’s  facial expression was too stiff and thanks Nene before hanging up.

The next day Yagami approves of Aoba’s NPC and tells Aoba she’ll only have 3 days to complete the next one. Aoba is worried she’ll be forced to sleep in her underwear at the company in order to make the deadline. Anything but that!

anything but that!.gif

No ED this week. Aww.

The next episode is called “The First…Paycheck.” See you next week!

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