Idol Jihen Episode 4 Review – “Thrilling Southeast Beach”

This is a beach episode. Expect the characters to strut around in swimsuits. Also, I’m dropping this series.

(Spoilers in this review

Well, to be more precise, I’m going to stop doing episode reviews for Idol Jihen. I feel like every episode follows the same formula, the same plotline.

  1. A politician who isn’t part of the Idol Dietwomen is causing problems (either via personal conduct or aimed towards Idol Dietwomen).
  2. Natsuki and the Heroine Party teams up with another Party in order to address the problem caused by the politician.
  3. The aforementioned politician ends up converting and becoming lovestruck through the power of the Idol Dietwomen singing and dancing.
  4. Smug Old Man sits in his chair and threatens the Idol Dietwomen.

I have basically described every episode of Idol Jihen thus far. The only difference is that the Party that teams up with Natsuki and the Heroine Party is different in each episode.

The part that made me realize this is going to continue happening? It was at the very end of this episode where the Smug Old Man likes the picture that Momo of the Bishouojo Party uploaded onto Instagram.

That tells me that even the Smug Old Man isn’t as strong as an antagonist as I would like. He’s going to crumble under the power of the Idol Dietwomen, too. The series is entirely too black-and-white (you can’t ever cheer against the Idol Dietwomen since the other politcians are so unlikeable) and predictable (see the numbered list). It doesn’t help that there’s so many instances of off-model faces and bodies or that the insert songs are so forgettable…

I guess I’ll continue watching the series on a weekly basis, but there will be no more episode reviews of Idol Jihen on The Lily Garden.


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