Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 7 Review – “Evolution / Pure White and Pitch Black”

Does Suzuko keep her word and start actually doing things instead of just making sad faces?

(Spoilers in this review

Well, in short, yes. Suzuko has started bribing Hanna with food in order to get lessons on WIXOSS. Our main character just became an errand girl! At least she’s trying to do something.

So Suzuko gets to learn while we don’t get to know what’s happening during battles. Aite.
“Here are my offerings, Master.” “thx bro”
I was going to make fun of Hanna for doing this, but I know I’ve done this before, haha.

Be that as it may, the episode wasn’t really focusing on Suzuko. The spotlight was on Chinatsu – Shou, Chinatsu’s middle school classmate, also got some screentime, too. Let’s talk about the ex-soccer player first.

It turns out he’s losing his memories one by one. He ran into someone he knew from elementary school, but Shou had no recollection of his face whatsoever until he looked at his phone.

Shou before his injury and WIXOSS.

As a result, he decides to approach two random Selectors his LRIG detected. They just so happened to be Suzuko and Hanna. Small city, huh?

While we initially are led to believe Shou has decided to finally battle, he proposes the idea of trading wins to Hanna and Suzuko. That way they both get to keep their coins and just have to wait for 90 days.

Brilliant idea, cap’n.

Except Hanna theorizes that this would make things worse since coins would still be turning black and thus random memories would still disappear. There’s actually no escape in this WIXOSS series and I appreciate that.

Hanna is pretty sharp, but she has no chill!

The siscon also ends up fighting the loli. The outcome was obvious.

He probably received the worst opponent possible.


We also learn that players who use “Coin Bet” (aka their coin abilities) loses twice as much coins if they are defeated… wait, does the numbers add up? Well, I guess it makes sense. You gotta take risks in serious business card games.

As for Chinatsu, we get to see how far she is willing to go in order to secure clients for the Bookmaker. I guess the pay is that good. In the end she manages to recruit a random Selector (through brute force after she tried to take the free win) and left Shou hanging on a thread. Wonder how the next reunion between Chinatsu and Suzuko will go.

Chinatsu doesn’t like flakers!
Poor Shou.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Darkness / Fervent Desire and Loss.” It’s going to be interesting seeing how Shou carries on from now. Will he stick to his beliefs or will he start fighting? It also seems like siscon onii-chan realized that the Bookmaker screwed with his imouto, so that’s going to be fun, too. He’s also at one coin. The male characters are both at death’s door! I guess all this drama will give Suzuko ample time to learn how to play WIXOSS by episode 9!

See you next week!

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