Girlish Number Episode 7 Review – “Curious Chitose and Parents’ Day”

More information about Momoka’s parents and Kazuha’s parents this episode!

(Spoilers in this review)

So, the previous episode ended with Chitose and Momoka helping Kazuha, who is blubbering drunk, get home. Upon arriving at her apartment, the three girls find out that Kazuha’s mom made a surprise visit! Apparently seeing her daughter dressing in a swimsuit (for the promotional material for Kusure) got her worried.

I wonder if Kazuha was stil drunk at this point. Probably not.


It’s clear that Kazuha is embarrassed by her nosy mom who means well. It is just as obvious that Momoka is envious of Kazuha. Why? We find out later this episode, don’t worry.

Well, Kazuha’s mom ends up following Kazuha into the work place (the girls happens to be doing some sort of show where they answer fans’ questions) in order to check up on Kazu-chan. It was an interesting segment since Chitose’s unfounded confidence was readily apparent, Momoka’s dislike of how Chitose thought she could just be a voice actress when her brother was an actor was subtle yet there, and Kazuha’s frustrations with the industry was masked quite thoroughly as she tried to keep her answer gentle.

It turns out that Kazuha’s dad is very worried after seeing his daughter in a swimsuit, so Kazuha’s mom tries calling Kazuha’s dad so he can hear his daughter tell him everyting is okay. Good thing Kuzu-P is there to make everything terrible! What compels someone to tell a father that his daughter is considered sexy by men? Everyone’s reaction to his stupidity is incredible.


Towada-AP begging for Kazuha’s dad’s forgiveness.

As a result of Kuzu-P being an idiot, Kazuha’s manager and Towada-AP decide to visit Kazuha’s parents’ house in order to apologize in person. Naturally, Kuzu-P and Chitose wants to join in order to visit some hot springs to support Kazuha, too.

Now I kind of want to talk about the events that followed in a bit more detail. Koto asks Kazuha to hang out with her so they can have a heart-to-heart over wine. She’s really going out of her way to look after Kazuha, huh? Koto is like the onee-san we all wish we had ;_;

There’s just something about troubled girls with dishelved hair…
Later Koto goes out of her way to sit next to Kazuha.


At any rate, I think it’s possible that Kazuha’s dad’s health has or will decline. Kazuha’s mom mentions that he won’t be young forever and Koto talks about how parents look older and more frail the older you get. It’s kind of like when you revisit childhood playgrounds as an adult only to realize it’s actually quite small. It was like a whole new world when you were a kid, but things are different. Long story short, the health of aging parents was brought up three times in this episode – it’s bound to happen.

Meanwhile, Gojo-kun forbids Chitose from joining the trip to Kazuha’s hometown. Amusingly enough, Chitose calls herself a “crappy, small-fry newbie with no work” which means she has plenty of free time and should go! Does she understand she’s in trouble or does she not?

Plan B: Appeal to Gojo-kun by crawling on the floor like a worm while whining.

On the other hand, Yae is getting more roles and keeps bumping into Momoka. Momoka insists that Yae should use her first name when addressing her – it’s implied she’s tired of being treated as a lofty, almight princess and would just like some friends with whom she can be herself.

We also finally get to see Yae’s mom and now we get a glimpse of what’s been bothering Momoka. Her mom’s style of parenting is pretty laissez faire; Momoka told her mom that she received offers to enter into the gravure world, but her mom was only like, “It’s up to you.” Momoka craves a mother who would give her affection and show her that she really cares instead of a distant professional who treats her as if she’s already an adult.

Momoka’s mom. As cold as the water bottle she just drank from.

The episode ends with Momoka joining Kazuha, Kazuha’s manager, Towada-AP, and Kuzu-P to Kazuha’s hometown. Should be interesting!

Sneak attack complete!

Next week’s episode looks to be a hot springs episode. Guess Chitose is going to miss out! See you next week!


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