Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 12 Review – “The Road Keeps Going”

And the show about boring girls riding bicycles finally concludes this week.

(Spoilers in this review

The principal (who is, as you know, Fuyune’s grandmother) is approached by the Cycling Club. Despite the girls’ recent activities (which she praised), the principal says she cannot accept the cycling club because they’re forgetting something very important.

Sandy has to head home early while the rest of the girls brainstorm. Shiki-sensei interrupts them by claiming that she heard Sandy telling her parents that she’ll be visiting America because of her ill grandmother. The girls are all sad that Sandy is leaving the school earlier than expected, but they decide to try to send her off with a bike trip that spans the first two stations of Mt Fuji.

Shiki-sensei being not very teacher-like.
Shiki-sensei and her imouto rented out a camping car or something.
Just one of the several montage shots that appeared in this episode.
The girls turned the trip into a race.

After the girls reached the second station, Hiromi, Tomoe, Nagisa, and Fuyune try to (and fail at) not crying as they realize their time with Sandy will soon be over. However, the girls reassure each other that biking is fun and that they’ll eventually meet again should they meet again.

It turns out the principal had heard about their trip from Shiki-sensei and was lying in wait at the second station. She congratulates the club for remembering to enjoy biking (apparently this was the important thing they were all forgetting) and declares the Cycling Club an actual club. The girls rejoice before realizing this official status will be short-lived since Sandy is returning home to America.

Another plot-twist! Sandy is only staying in America for a single week because her grandmother just misses her. Shiki-sensei apparently sucks at English and misunderstood.

Before the ED plays, the girls are shown riding a bit beyond the second station as Hiromi declares that she’ll keep riding with Tomoe, Sandy, Fuyune, and Nagisa.

After the ED plays, we see the two idols ride to Inamuragasaki. Cue me heaving a sigh of relief. Expect a series review to come out soon.

G-gotta stay strong for Sandy!
Shiki-sensei with the loose lips.
This is supposed to be a joyous scene, but Fuyune is not holding hands with Nagisa.
“It’s just one week, dudes. Chill out.”
Shiki-sensei getting an earful from her students for sucking at English.
When you stare at the abyss, you show off your thin anime girl thighs.
These Japanese places have some intense names, though.
The end cards’ art was good at least.



4 thoughts on “Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu Episode 12 Review – “The Road Keeps Going”

    1. Right? Ugh I can’t help but want to compare Long Riders to this. Long Riders wasn’t a great show, either, but they definitely had a charm these characters lacked.
      Nyanko Days is actually way better. That’s both impressive and sad.

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