BanG Dream! Episode 9 Review – “I Got a Job!”

Seems like there wasn’t an episode last week. Sorry about that.

(Spoilers in this review)

The girls head to the store as a group so Saaya can purchase a drum kit. She ends up picking up this weird post-modern (?) kind, I think. I encourage my readers of this modern world to post and share information! See what I did there? Sorry.

Kasumi also ends up buying this distortion thing. She continues to call it consortion throughout the episode, though. They jam a bit at Arisa’s warehouse and Kasumi excitedly tells everyone that they should come up with another song so they can audition for and play at Space.

I don’t know, this drum kit looks kind of ugly to me.
Nevertheless, Saaya is happy.
Kasumi is a hapless consumer who will buy cute things.

Poppin’ Party, or PoPiPa for short, ends up volunteering at Space since everyone else came down with the flu. What timing! The owner, who accepts their help just for a day, is strict but fair on them as they scramble to learn the ropes before show time.

Tae has a bunny as her profile picture?!
“Yo we got dis, Owner.”
“I’ll own you if you don’t wear your uniform properly.”

While preparing for the joint concert for Glitter*Green and Roselia, Saaya, Arisa, and Hiromi come across a notebook where a bunch of bands write their gratitude to the owner. She’s even smiling in some pictures. Meanwhile, Tae comes across the schedule and sees that half of the current month has no events booked or listed.vlcsnap-2017-03-25-17h53m24s459vlcsnap-2017-03-25-17h53m29s200vlcsnap-2017-03-25-17h53m35s088vlcsnap-2017-03-25-17h53m43s918vlcsnap-2017-03-25-17h53m49s830vlcsnap-2017-03-25-17h53m55s898

Turns out the student council president plays keyboard in Glitter Green!
The sight that O-Tae saw.
Roselia arrives! They look pretty cute, too.

The show goes well and Glitter*Green thanks PoPiPa for stepping in to help. When Arisa and Hiromi go to return something to the owner, they overhear the owner comforting one of the members of Roselia, who is upset that they didn’t do a perfect show.

GuriGuri and PoPiPa.
Tae apparently really wanted to touch this plushie doll thing.
A new victim! The girl who owns the plushie does not approve.
Dang, I like their costumes.
“Uh, here’s your money.”

After they clean up Space, the girls lie around near the stage and they all (aside from Arisa) decide to stand on the stage and to declare their intention to audition to become recognized by the owner. Auditions start next week!

The floor is clean now, right?
Arisa the rebel!

At the actual audition, they play the song that was mentioned earlier in the episode. Despite their best efforts, the owner says none of them played well and that she won’t allow them on Space. Kasumi replies that they’ll keep on trying. In response, the owner tells them to keep trying.

O-Tae decides to ask then and there about the barren schedule. The owner reveals that she’s shutting down Space. So the last line in the previous episode wasn’t cast aside after all. Oh, no!

Kasumi looks pretty cool here, to be honest.
The rusty drummist!
Arisa seems surprised?
Same with Rimi-rin!

8 thoughts on “BanG Dream! Episode 9 Review – “I Got a Job!”

  1. The old lady looks kinda pretty and that’s all I got to say of the content.

    I think I’ve said this before but I am in awe of your mental resilience for sitting through these cutesy girls doing things slowly. I do like reading your reviews on them though – they’re entertaining and often guttery which I very much approve,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She looks pretty good for an older lady, that’s for sure.

      I think you might have, but thanks. I do try my best to spice things up in the episode reviews, but sometimes boring shows are just boring shows.

      I’m sure you’ve released a few more KoS episode posts by now, but I’m stuck trying to make this Pygmalion post sufficiently detailed. Will play catch up once I’m done!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yay! Looking forward to it.

          Mmm I finally finished this week’s but I opted out to split this chapter into two parts because I have so much stuff I gotta do. But it’s up at least.

          Will be back after going to a buffet!

          Liked by 1 person

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