Should Dessert Go First or Last When You’re Watching Anime?

Personally speaking, I’m following quite a few series this season. Fall 2017 is probably one of my busier seasons in recent years since I’m watching several titles (almost) every day. It’s unprecedented for me (but I’m sure many of you are even busier).

fall 2017.png
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As such, there is something that I’ve started to considered after last Saturday when I realized I had to get through 5 different shows. It’s sort of basic and the thought has somewhat crossed my mind before, but I haven’t really sat down and thought about it before. Be that as it may, the following may be something to ponder:

In what order do you watch your anime?

After Saturday, I’ve been equating sitting down and watching a packed session of watching several episodes of anime from several different series to be like sitting down and eating a two-dish dinner. Besides the fact that watching anime can only net us a negative carbon intake, that we can only taste happiness or sadness instead of actual flavors, and that an anime session can take several hours instead of several minutes, I think the metaphor sort of works.

Because in such a dinner, there tends to be foods you don’t really like as well as foods you do like. Likewise, you might be juggling several shows at once and some of them are more enjoyable for you to watch than others. The ones you’re looking forward are your dessert and the ones you’re begrudgingly watching are your veggies because you’re also a picky eater for the sake of the metaphor.

So what do you do?

Do you take care of the veggies first so you can enjoy your dessert? Or do you wolf down your dessert and enjoy things before you have to deal with the veggies? In other words, do you watch the shows you’re invested in before or after the other shows that you personally consider to be less interesting ?

I’m speaking for myself here, but I always watch my favorite shows first. I want to experience the good first, so gimme that dessert! I do understand that it might make the less attractive shows to look even worse afterwards, but I can’t help myself because I’m an impatient person who dislikes delaying fun. Besides, misery builds character.

I know that there are other external factors that might influence your anime-watching-order. Maybe you really want to watch something funny, so you decide to watch the comedy series that’s only so-so because one of your favorite seasonal shows is one that can only be enjoyed when you’re in a certain and specific mood. There are other situations that may change things, of course, so just think of this particular instance as an example. The bottom line is that sometimes a viewer has to take extra steps to make the most out of their viewing experience and that’s okay! You do you and you should stick to it if it works!

Also, I’m sure that some of you may have a completely different mindset than mine. Maybe you like saving dessert for last as a reward for conquering veggies. Maybe you alternate between eating a little bit of both. Again, you do you. Go nuts!

At any rate, I would love to hear how you handle this unavoidable situation in the comments section!!

Note: the article is framed within the context of seasonal anime, but this definitely applies to anime fans who stick to watching a bunch of older shows at the same time, as well. Please tell me about your eating watching order, too!

That’s all, folks!

59 thoughts on “Should Dessert Go First or Last When You’re Watching Anime?

  1. Well I definitely binge watch a show all the way through before moving on to the the next one. So that means I definitely don’t go mixing them. I guess I save the one I think I will love the most until the very end of my list. Then I go based off of how the general public has rated the other shows on my list, usually going lowest rated to highest. With maybe the occasional palette cleanser in between in case I’ve been watching too many things from the same genre in a row. So far it that has been the best way to watch for me because I will tend to finish strong. 🙂

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  2. It always depends on the emotional impact for me. For example, on Friday nights I’ve been watching The Recovery of an MMO Junkie last, because that show is so happy and fluffy. A good watch before going to bed and going through emotionally heavy things.

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  3. No real particular order for me, at least for seasonal stuff. If I’m talking DVD’s and the like then I tend to mix my genres and expected quality levels so I don’t burn out on anything. Interesting thought though.

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      1. I have it down to a science. Vegetables, meat and then carbs in that order: veggies don’t fill me up and let me warm up to the meal, meat in middle and carbs last because carbs will fill me up, so I’d want to have enough room for the meat first 🙂

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  4. It depends on how desperate I am to drop the series…if I want to give the weaker shows a some what fair shot, I watch them first. If I want nothing more to do with a particular series I don’t mind going out of my way to watch it after something I like (my current go to, the earlier episodes of Detective Conan).

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  5. It varies… Sometimes I save something light to recover after something heavy, other times the light comes first to get me ready. If there’s an ep I’m anticipating or a favorite show, I generally watch it first. Also, I tend to watch everything on a given service, then swap to the next.

    What I rarely do is “save” shows, I watch ’em on the day they air.

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    1. Mmm makes sense. Gotta switch things up depending on the situation. So do you try to do the same for Friday? A lot of heavier stuff comes out then.

      Yeah, I try to avoid saving shows, too. But it simply isn’t feasible for some viewers and that’s okay!


      1. Fridays… are like taking a cold bath. I just steel myself and power through. OTOH, most of the heavier shows I’m usually watching with my wife and paradoxically that makes things easier.

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  6. What a list! Man, and I have problems just watching 2 or 3 total.

    When a busy season does come around, however, I make the effort to sit down and watch all the new episodes in one sitting, starting with the one I want to watch most and ending with the one I know is the best. Throw all the stuff you’re mildly excited for/not as interested in in the middle. Either way, you’ll get to both of the treats eventually!

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    1. It’s a struggle, but I guess this is what most seasonal viewers do? It’s certainly a first for me. 2-3 sounds a lot more comfortable!!

      Hey, that sounds like a winning strategy to me. The expected value out of this wager is high!

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  7. Hmm … i’m less busy than yourself, usually watching three shows on a Saturday and the odd other thing here and there. My usual method is this:

    If i’m already part way through all the series i’m watching: just watch in whatever order feels right at the time.
    If one or more of the shows is new to me: start with the new one. The reason is that if i’m sticking with another show, I must be enjoying it on some level. That being the case, I’ll start with the new one so that, even if it sucks, i’ve got something good afterwards. After that initial viewing, it just drops into whatever order I feel like on the day.
    If all the series i’m watching are new to me: just watch in whatever order feels right at the time.

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  8. I don’t find myself having a super fixed watch order. The only thing I will say is that I’m more likely to watch shows I’m less interested in if I’m feeling drowsy, and save the stuff I love for when I’m more awake (I wouldn’t want to miss a second of something like Guru Guru). As the actual air dates for shows always seem to be very weekend-heavy (RIP my Friday mornings every season, there seems to almost never be anything which airs then), I’ll also sometimes put things off a bit so that they’re spread out more throughout the week.

    I think that watching the things you love first, or saving the best for last are both valid strategies!

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    1. Mmm it really is important to consider your personal condition as a viewer, isn’t it? Being able to spread out shows is also nice. I erroneously assumed most people just watch seasonal shows the day they’re out, but that’s not feasible for everyone.

      I agree that both strategies are valid!


  9. Oh, I haven’t been keeping up to date on anime at all. New Umaru is this season, though? Time to get back on the train!

    As for what order to watch in… generally speaking I go for whatever fits my mood, and I’ll often watch older stuff that I can binge rather than current stuff, with a few exceptions. (My most active season in terms of watching things as they came out was the one with Interviews with Monster Girls and Maidragon, both of which I adored)

    Some people I know (who aren’t close enough for me to be able to join in, unfortunately — they’re in Canada while I’m in the UK!) have regular anime nights where they start the evening with something current, mainstream and popular, then proceed to something that is “heavy going” (either from a “feels” or “omg violence” perspective) and close off the evening with something silly. This tends to coincide with the quantity of cocktails they have consumed over the course of the evening, meaning silly comedy funtimes coincides with enjoyable tipsiness. Seems like a solid approach to me 🙂

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  10. I learned last season not to watch weaker shows after stronger ones, it leads to ranting rather than reviewing and that never ends well. So yeah, the more I like a show, the more likely I am to put it to the end of my watch list for the day.

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  11. Usually I’ll watch about 3-4 shows per season, one will usually be the one I’m the most hyped up about and the other are usually just randomly picked. Funnily enough, I rarely ever manage to watch all of the shows that I wanted to see in a season so I have a huge backlog of unfinished or unwatched shows.

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  12. I’m like Shokamoka-san in this Remy-nii!
    I eat the desserts last. I save the best for the last in all things- including anime/manga!

    To be very honest though, I’m stuck up with around 30+ ongoing manga currently so I just read the new chapters as they are released….

    P.S- I loved the title!
    P.S.S (or is it P.P.S?)- The post too, but that is a given.

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  13. I just kind of randomly pick shows from my list and hope for the best. Much like doing so with a menu in real life, I sometimes end up making some horrible choices, but since I don’t drop shows I always finish what’s on my plate.

    I’m a taste tester…? Maybe…? I dunno.

    If we’re talking about seasonal Anime though, I tend to only watch the tastiest desserts while they’re airing.

    This was a fun metaphor!

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    1. Hey, you gotta live a little sometimes. I appreciate your courage and the fact that you always clean off your plate.

      Yummy desserts.

      It was a bit forced and I had actually wanted to branch out into appetizers and entrées but thank you!

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        1. C A R P E D I E M

          It’s a badge of courage or something, right?
          Well, being forced to the john due to an upset stomach is also an opportunity to catch up on people’s blogs and tweets, hehehe.

          Doughnut leave! I’d rather you not dessert me!

          (This is a pun zone where one may make puns at one’s leisure)

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  14. Yeah, I usually watch shows which ever comes first in the week but if we’re talking about the packed days on the weekend, I kind of switch it up. Basically I watch a certain favorable show (it being LL Sunshine) just because it comes out right in the morning on Saturdays and then I go into the shows I don’t particular enjoy as much just to get them over with. Lastly I save the rest of the “dessert” for last so I can end off the weekend on a good note. 🙂 It’s a little weird and specific but that’s how I’ve been functioning during these anime seasons.

    If we’re talking about food though… it’s pretty similar actually 😛

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  15. I categorize shows into a dozen different sections so it’s easier to digest (albeit more random).

    Slice of Lifes for the season during lunch breaks, filler animes between classes, and my fall favorites right before bed.

    Though really, anything goes when keeping up with the seasonal simulcast.

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    1. Ah, yeah, this particular post took some liberties with categories.

      I really like how specific you’ve gone and how each category has a time, place, occasion, and purpose!

      Mmm the grind is real.


  16. Same. I watch the best shows of the day first and then it turns out I don’t have time for the veggies. So, I go on a veggie-binge on the weekends.

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  17. Well, as I am doing this for the first time this season, I’m just following along in the order that new episodes appear 😊 It’s the only way for me to handle this and stay up to date (unless of course I am not able to watch an episode and then I will just watch the desert first lol 😂). Great post, loved that last line 😂😂

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